The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 4) – The Nation of Witches

The Kingdoms of Ruin Title

Adonis finds himself in a strange place surrounded by beautiful women. Despite his body trying to rip itself apart, there’s a calmness in the air. Somehow, he has been teleported to the Nation of Witches!

The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 4) – The Nation of Witches

What happened?

Moments ago, he had been fighting against the humans responsible for Chloe’s death and his imprisonment. He vaguely remembers seeing his head lying severed from his body, however, it wasn’t him. The soldier responsible was a witch. Along with Doroka, Anna had infiltrated the kingdom in the hopes of rescuing him. They needed him to revive Chloe. Before Adonis could say anything, his body was bound and then carried high into the sky. The next thing he knew, he was here. An elderly woman approached and did something to soothe his mind.

Adonis soon learned that he was in the Nation of Witches… on the moon! They had built a new home far away from the influence of humans. There, they had been able to save one of the trees that birth witches. That would be integral in reviving Chloe. Adonis just needed to pour his magic and memories into one of the blank fruits and wait for it to fall. They would begin the ceremony as soon as he had enough strength. Before that happened, Anna approached him and seemed incredibly annoyed. She was upset that Doroka died to save him and that he had nothing to say on the matter.

She soon wished she hadn’t pushed things with him as he revealed the truth behind the witches’ need to revive Chloe. Before Doroka died, she warned Adonis that the witches wanted to use Chloe. Now, after spending a little time with Ophelia Clementine, the head of the witches, he finally understood. Chloe was the only person who could make the quill with which he could cast written magic. The base on the moon was to be a cage for humans whom they could train to use the quills before sending them back to Earth to fight for them. Anna asked him what he would do with this knowledge. He said he would revive Chloe and follow her lead, but if she decided to leave, the witches would become his enemy, too!

What did you think?

It would appear that Adonis is quite astute to work out exactly what the witches are up to. Of course, the clues were all there for the audience, too, so it wasn’t a huge leap to get there which was nice. I do feel like he is a little too angry all the time. I get that he’s been through hell for most of his life, but maybe take a moment to calm down and assess the situation. He’s going to give himself a heart attack long before he gets his vengeance on everyone in the world!

So, just like every other episode so far, we’re left with a bit of a cliffhanger/twist ending. This time it was the fact that Adonis revived Doroka and not Chloe. Well, my gut is telling me to not believe everything I see. I think it is Chloe but with Doroka’s appearance. It may be both of them. Ophelia did say that he could make whatever he wished to happen with the quill. I also think that he may have given Doroka/Chloe reproductive organs which will allow them to fully separate from the witches. Otherwise, there was no need to tell us that the witches were all sexless. I also noticed the humans preparing for some sort of attack. Surely, they’re not going to the moon to fight the witches… are they?

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 4 Adonis prepares to revive Chloe

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