The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 6) – The Witch Doroka

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The humans attacking Lunamilia suddenly stop, frozen in their tracks. Doroka used a love spell to make them all obey her commands, however, Yamato is not so quick to comply. Just when it looks like he will, Adonis kills him.

The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 6) – The Witch Doroka

What happened?

Doroka tried to get through to Yamato. She pleaded with him to stop the war against the witches. If he promised to agree, she would let them go. However, his hatred was too great. He turned on Doroka and started to rain down on her with a barrage of fists. Regardless, Doroka continued to appeal to him, pushing her love spell further and further into his psyche. Eventually, he relented, promising to obey her command. He never got a chance, however, as Adonis stabbed him in the face and then beheaded him. Doroka was stunned.

Word reached the Emperor that the battle with the witches was almost over. In a matter of moments, he would have achieved his life goal. With that, he reverted to a deranged child and then after his wife told him to kill himself, he climbed onto the tower’s edge and jumped to his doom. Another soldier tried to stop her, but Dorothea could also use love magic. She made him kill himself too. With the witches gone, there was no one who could stand up to her love magic. She would finally get what she wanted.

Meanwhile, Adonis took his chance to murder all the remaining humans in Lunamilia thanks to Doroka’s hold on them. She tried to stop him, but he made it quite clear that unless she wanted to die again, she had better stay clear. Having killed them all, he wore Yamato’s face so that he could arrange for the humans to teleport him back to Earth, along with Doroka. However, they knew it wasn’t Yamato and were waiting for him!

What did you think?

This series has lost the plot. Basically, it’s a massive blood bath with several people with deranged faces. I cannot understand Doroka’s decision to try to come to a peaceful resolution, especially if it wasn’t really a free decision. Surely, they would change their mind as soon as her love spell wore off. And quite frankly the way the humans have been slaughtering witches, I can’t see how anyone can want to negotiate with them. So, rather than having a side to cheer for, it’s now become entirely apparent that everyone in this series is an asshole.

We’ve reached the point where it’s just being edgy for the sake of being edgy. Obviously, the “shocking” revelation that the Emperor’s wife was a witch comes as no surprise to anyone. It looks like she got rid of the witches so that she can use her love magic to control everyone. She appears to be looking for a boy who looks surprisingly like Adonis but has red hair and also has a magic quill. I’ve been unsure as to whether to continue with this series for a couple of episodes now and if I hadn’t started reviewing it, I would have walked away. Curiosity and my completion complex will see me to the end of the season, however, I need to come up with a better screening system as this was kind of interesting for a couple of episodes.

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 6 Adonis wearing Yamato's face

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