The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 7) – Stand by him. Stand by her.

The Kingdoms of Ruin Title

Adonis knew the humans would be waiting for him so he changed the destination of their teleportation. That dropped them in the desert where they were picked up by a group of vagrant bikers!

The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 7) – Stand by him. Stand by her.

What happened?

Adonis used Yamato’s voice to change the destination of the teleportation. Doroka tried to stop him because she believed that some of the witches on the moon might still be alive. He didn’t so they continued to Earth’s surface. They landed in the desert outside of Redia. Adonis was planning on attacking the towns and villages on their way to the Capitol. However, Doroka tried to reason with him. If he continued on his path he would be consumed by revenge. Adonis knew this but without his revenge, there would be no proof that Chloe existed. He had nothing left to lose.

Moments later, Adonis passed out from his injuries. When he woke, he was in a strange place. His wounds had been treated, but there was no sign of Doroka. Instead, he found a large man called Punch. He was the leader of the group of vagrants that lived in the desert outside of Redia. Many had escaped from slavery or were refugees from Redia’s wars. That didn’t ease Adonis who still wanted to know where Doroka was. Punch led him outside where a large group of men had gathered. He could hear Doroka screaming and raced to help. However, he found her attempting to ride a motorbike, much to everyone’s amusement.

Later that night, they had a party to celebrate Adonis and Doroka joining them. However, Adonis turned the alcohol into a tranquillizer and slipped out while everyone was sleeping. He decided to leave Doroka behind because she was not like him and would only get in his way. Punch revealed to Doroka that he knew who they were. He had met Adonis before when Chloe was still alive. She decided to go after him and keep him alive, even if she couldn’t stop him on his quest for revenge.

What did you think?

Can you say whiplash? After six episodes of absolute carnage and mayhem, exhibiting the absolute worst of humanity, we get to see that not everyone is a witch-hating monster. If anything, the vagrant bikers were the picture of acceptance. However, the level of ridiculousness with which this show tried to make it look like Doroka was being attacked by the men was unreal. The dialogue just enforced the idea for absolutely no reason other than to maintain Adonis’ edginess. Punch could have just said that she was fine, but no, he had to comment on how she’s cute and how they don’t see many young girls around here. Oh, and she screams really nicely. It’s as bad as clickbait titles.

On top of that, we’ve got Doroka who wants to make friends with everyone. She’s hiding the fact that she’s sad that all the witches were just murdered in front of her and that Adonis’ was responsible for leading them there. She’s even going to watch over him as he commits even more acts of murder. I’m struggling to understand her decisions. At least, Adonis has a goal and is going to go after it, regardless of how evil it is. The number of likeable characters in this series is pretty much two. Punch joins Chloe on this podium. Will anyone else join them?

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