Harukana Receive (Episode 8) – I’ll Keep Our Promise

Harukana Receive Title

Emily and Claire’s mother has returned to Okinawa and is keen to start training Haruka and Kanata. As she’s known Kanata for years, she’s delighted to see that Haruka has rekindled her love of the sport.

What happened?

The beach volleyball season was over, but with the addition of Akari, they were able to make the beach volleyball club official. Also, with Marissa in town, they can start to prepare for next season… There’s still a lot of Haruka to learn and Kanata has been out of the game long enough that she needs some help too. Marissa runs some drills which involve returning one of her spikes. Her spikes are terrifyingly strong!

After all that training, the girls get some time off over New Year and decide to head to the shrine to start the year off right. They make a wish, leave a prayer and find out their fortunes. Haruka and Claire seem to be the big winners in all of this. Their celebrations are short-lived, however, as Haruka gets a phone call from Ayasa who tells her that she and Narumi are in Okinawa airport for a little while if they want to come and see them.

Of course, they do, and luckily, Claire phoned for Marissa to come and give them a ride. It turns out that Marissa is not just a demon on the volleyball court. Even with her driving skills, they get stuck in traffic. With time ticking down, the girls jump out and run the rest of the way. They make it just as Ayasa and Narumi were going through security. Kanata calls to Narumi and tells her she will keep their promise, but with Haruka. Narumi walks off without looking back but holds up her pinky finger to show she understands.

What did you think?

This series is like one long, gloriously warm hug from Marissa, and who wouldn’t want one of those? There was some volleyball at the beginning of the episode as Marissa gave Haruka and Kanata a quick lesson, but after that, it followed the girls as they enjoyed New Year and tried to meet up with Ayasa and Narumi. Not a great deal happened, but it was just a lot of fun hanging out and enjoying the blue skies and shimmering sea.

I mentioned in an earlier review about how Haruka really is the catalyst to make things happen, and while she doesn’t necessarily change, she makes those around her change for the better. So, I was delighted to see that Marissa picked up on that and thanked Haruka for what she had done to change Kanata’s life. That’s got to be worth one of those hugs… right?

Harukana Receive Episode 8 Akari Haruka and Marissa

What have you learnt?

It never really occurred to me at the time, but this was probably the first cute girls doing cute things show that I really got into. Now, if they were just wandering around doing random things, I don’t think I would have bought into it. However, we had the volleyball which has been a lot of fun and through that, we met the characters and experienced their joy of playing. That did a lot to make me care for them, and that’s why I would sit through them doing just about anything now. I know I mention characters and making connections with the audience a lot, but I don’t think I can ever overstate the importance of it.

Harukana Receive Episode 8 Marissa Thomas Spiking

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  1. I still think Narumi was something of a jerk in this episode. I think she was thinking of protecting herself more than she was thinking of Kanata.

    I don’t know that I’d call this a CGDCT show though… There’s elements of derping around, a staple of that genre… But there’s also an overarching and strong plot, which is somewhat less common. (CGDCT often shades towards SOL in not having a strong plot with an identifiable arc.) To me, it’s a straight up sports series as volleyball and their participation in it is practically always front-and-center.

    • Yeah, I think Narumi is still hurt from Kanata giving up. She obviously struggles with the more emotional side of things.

      This is true, but they are most definitely cute girls and they are doing cute things. Sure, it’s not the typical slice of life story, but it is the closest thing that I’ve enjoyed to that category. I doubt, I’d ever truly get into a real CGDCT series.

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