Harukana Receive (Episode 4) – Isn’t This Perfect For Us?

Harukana Receive Title

School has started and Haruka is settling into her new class. Some girls ask her if she wants to do something after school, but she needs to practice. The tournament is coming up and they still haven’t picked out a team bikini!

What happened?

During school, Haruka notices Kanata practising by herself and realises that she still hasn’t completely let her in. There are still some barriers between them. Luckily, Claire finds her and tries to talk some sense into her. After school, they will begin training for the upcoming tournament and Haruka has a lot to learn.

The first order of business is blocking. Haruka has to get used to jumping and blocking spikes a lot. A player will have to do it fifty times or more in a game and that will take its toll on someone that isn’t prepared. Unfortunately, this reveals another glaring issue that Haruka has to deal with. Let’s just say things are a little breezy!

Anyhow, that means it’s time for a trip to the mall to buy new bikinis… I mean uniforms. At one point, Haruka and Kanata look all set to decide on one pair, but another couple of girls have beaten them to it. Haruka agrees to go with Kanata’s first choice, but then spots a way to make them even better. She sews a strip of fabric that means love, especially when given as a gift… Kanata is a little embarrassed, but Haruka loves it. Well, let’s get back to training.

Harukana Receive Episode 4 Claire Thomas and Haruka Oozora

What did you think?

There was much more of the chilled vibe in this episode as Haruka and Kanata made steps towards becoming a real beach volleyball team. They have their uniform (ahem, bikini) and now they just need to work together to get better. I liked that Haruka is determined to put in the effort to make her game stronger as she believes that she is holding Kanata back. Of course, Kanata doesn’t see it that way and believes that she is the weak link because of her height.

Both are determined to improve and both believe that they are the weaker player. It makes for a nice dynamic where they both realise what the other is doing and decide to work together to get better. I liked how Emily is keeping Narumi, Kanata’s old partner, informed on things as it gives them a chance to move on without regrets. And, of course, there were some nice shots of the beach and the beautiful blue sky.

What have you learnt?

I think these types of shows work best when they focus on teamwork and developing their skills. It was great to see Haruka with her fingers all bandaged up to show just how much she was working to improve. You can give the characters all the natural talent and potential in the world, but if they don’t work for it, it’s hard to get behind them.

One of my favourite aspects of this series, and it was the first time I watched it, is how uplifting and relaxed it is. There isn’t a moment of toxicity in it. Not everyone is friends, but there’s a level of respect, fair play, and sportsmanship… or sportswomanship, that is remarkable. I’ve played a lot of sport and I always start to lose interest when I realise there are people that just want to overly contest everything, to point of ridiculousness. We should focus on making it fun and competitive, but without the bluster and bravado.

Harukana Receive Episode 4 Haruka Oozora practicing hard

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