Goals for 2021

The Otaku Author Goals for 2021

Last year I set myself twenty goals for 2020 and didn’t do as well as I’d hoped. So, for 2021 I am going to set some more reasonable targets. You know! One’s that can actually be achieved…

When I set my goals for 2020, I had no idea that the year was going to fall to pieces. When it did, I did everything I could just to keep the website running and as such, I’m going to call it a win. I certainly didn’t achieve everything I set out to, but then they often say you overestimate what you can achieve in a year and underestimate what you can achieve in five years. It’s also more fun when you complete goals rather than having them hanging over you. So, these are my achievable goals for 2021.

1. Publish The Black Death Trilogy

I feel like this one has been hanging over me for quite some time so it’s going to stay here as I’m almost finished with the edits. Once they’re done, it’s no doubt going to bounce back and forth between me and my co-author before we push it out into the world. I think this should be available towards the end of quarter 1.

2. Watch 500 episodes of Anime

In 2018 and 2019, I managed to watch more than 1,000 episodes of anime, however, in 2020 it was only just over 500. Therefore, I’m going to set a target of 500 episodes as I know that it’s achievable even in a pandemic. I intend to watch more, but this feels like a good minimum goal.

3. Reach 300 WordPress Followers

This is another goal that came from my 2020 goals. I had 146 at the beginning of 2020 and ended it with 236. I self-host my site so I don’t have the benefit of my posts appearing in the WordPress Reader search results unless I pay, which I’m not quite ready to do, especially as I’m already paying to host it. Anyhow, I will continue to search for other blogs that I can interact with and hopefully reach this goal by the end of the year.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 8 Karyl Pecorine and Kokkoro Scared

4. Publish a Web-Novel

I started work on a novel in November 2020 for NaNoWriMo and have been slowly working on it since then. My goal with this novel is to get it finished and then release it as a web-novel. So, if you want to read my story, you’ll be able to do so for free… I have much bigger plans for this, so hopefully, this will just be the starting point.

5. Average One Post a Day Minimum

I smashed this target in 2020, but then I was reviving some of my older posts from my last site. This year, it’s all going to be new content, but I intend on keeping to a daily release schedule. It’s not easy, but the times that I haven’t had a post go out always feel a little empty to me. Maybe, I’m just crazy…

6. Resume Work on my Fantasy Series

I started a series of novellas back in 2017 and have twenty-six of them drafted. They were originally an alternate history vampire fantasy series which is quite a mouthful of genres. My plan is to redevelop them into a web-novel series that I can turn into a series of full-length novels. I have a lot of work already done, but I plan on changing it to epic fantasy and making it less confusing for the readers. I’d love to get the first chapters out in 2021, but that’ll be a stretch goal for now.

Dragonar Academy Veronica Lautreamont

7. One Million Views on Ecchi Hunter

This was my goal from last year too and we were so close with just under 900,000 views for the year. That gave us a lifetime total of one million views in a year and a half. It’s insane how much this site has grown and continues to do so. This year, we’re going to get hit that target.

If you didn’t know I also run the ecchi anime site – EcchiHunter.com with Yomu from the Umai Yomu Anime Blog. We started the site in June of 2019 and it has regularly blown our expectations out of the water.

8. Fifty Thousand Views

I hadn’t expected to get close to this in my first full year after starting from scratch, but I did. This year, while I expect to post fewer posts than in 2020, I aim to get the same number of views. Hopefully, all of the older posts will continue to work away and then there will be the new posts too.

9. Write More!

In theory, this should go hand in hand with several of my other goals, but I feel like I need to say it again. Too often, I’ll see people having these near-death experiences that make them reassess what’s important in their lives. Well, I don’t want to wait for that to happen so I’m doing it now. I want to be a writer, full-time. I know it’s going to take time, years probably, so I’m going to get on that train now and start working towards it.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3 Eris Swimsuit Inspiration

10. Get fitter

The pandemic has been hard for a number of reasons. One of those has been the amount of inactivity and that has to change. I don’t have a clear plan for this yet, but walking and exercise that I can do at home will be a big part of it. I used to do ten pushups, ten situps, and ten squats after every episode of anime I watched, so maybe I’ll bring that back.

It’s a much shorter list than last year and with more achievable goals. Hopefully, I won’t find myself shrinking it further in a years time. I want to smash all of these and end the year on a high. What are your goals for 2021?


  1. Best of luck to you! 😊 Those are really great goals to have!

    • Lynn Sheridan
      Lynn Sheridan

      Thanks. Wanted to make it at least possible to achieve everything.

  2. Daily posting huh… yep, you’re crazy. Dont you remember what it was like the last few times you tried? Haha. I know you hate sleep but it’s pretty useful…!

    • Lynn Sheridan
      Lynn Sheridan

      It’ll be a piece of cake. That and I can’t stop now. Sleep is fine and all, but it’s overrated…

  3. Those are great goals and most sound reasonable. Good luck not that you’ll need it

  4. Awesome goals! I hope you complete them!

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