Author Journey (January 2020)

The Otaku Author Journey January 2020

One month down already and it’s been crazy busy. That means it’s time to take a moment to see what I’ve been up to. Lots of new anime, lots of writing, and yet another new blog… hang on, what?

Got any big announcements?

I mentioned a while back that when I moved my anime blogging to that I would keep my old domain, and eventually turn it into my professional author platform. Now, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a professional operation. Far from it in fact. I feel like the changes I made moving to this domain are all to make things more professional here too. Anyhow, I’ve got my new site set up and at the moment there isn’t much in the way of content, but I have a few pieces of fiction lined up to release there. I’ll also talk more about what I’m working on there, so if that’s something you’d like to follow… well… you know what to do!

Akame ga Kill Episode 7 Esdeath

How’s the writing going?

This month I found myself getting back into the Black Death trilogy and in a good way. Here’s a little overview of how book one was developed. We both wrote a story about a character experiencing a pandemic in the United Kingdom. Each of these stories is about twenty chapters long. Originally, there was a third author who was writing a third part of the story. They, unfortunately, pulled out so we were left shot. The other author, Jon wrote a new story in its place. My job was then to edit that story and expand to make the overall length of the book work.

Well, I finished that, but then something else dawned on me. Each story has its own timeline and that to make the overall story work, I needed to work out when everything was happening and order them accordingly. The two original stories take place over four days, but the new story all happened within twenty-four hours. Now, this is fine but had we just alternated chapters by point of view it would have gotten quite confusing. I have reordered things and it has given rise to the need for three more chapters and that’s awesome. It will help the flow and ensure that everything happens in the right order. There’s still a little more work to do with this one, but book one is almost complete.

After that, I need to do the same for book two and three. It’s a slow process, but once it’s all ordered and edited, it’s going to be such a relief and I’m certain that readers will benefit from the work that’s going in now.

Have you done anything interesting?

This has been the first full month of and I’m already confident that making the switch was the right idea. It helps that I have had some posts that I can relaunch, but only twenty-eight of the ninety-three posts were old content. That’s right, I somehow managed to put together sixty-five new posts in a month. A large chunk of that has been covering the new anime season, and then there’s the Akame ga Kill series of posts. I’ve also had my Saturday Spin-off and Sunday Sevens posts that have been fun to put together. I just hope I don’t run out of ideas…

What have you been watching?

As I said, January has seen the start of the new season of anime and I’ve managed to pick up a handful of titles and so far, I’m enjoying them all… well, other than Plunderer which I’m covering on That show is beyond help… Anyhow, here’s the list of shows I’m watching;

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 77 Shigaraki

Do you have any plans for next month?

There will be more work on the Black Death trilogy, especially as I have a bunch of other projects to get to work on. Other than that, I really want to get some sketches done so that I can try out my new markers. I will continue to cover the seasonal shows, Saturday Spin-offs, and Sunday Sevens. In February, I’m bringing back two more seasons of old posts and just like Demon Slayer, I’m looking forward to seeing my reactions as I watched them, now that I know how I feel about the whole series.


  1. Lynn you forgot to mention that you’re also watching Plunderer and looking forward to watching all 24 episodes!

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