Author Journey (June 28, 2021)

The Otaku Author Journey June 28 2021

Benjamin Franklin once said “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and I don’t think anyone has said it better since. That’s why I have spent the last week getting my plans in order. Still a little way to go, but it’s all progress.

June 28, 2021

This last week hasn’t exactly gone to plan what with my son being sent home from daycare. He had to get tested and couldn’t return for forty-eight hours. That’s not much fun for him and it made it incredibly hard for my other son to focus on his last two days of virtual school. So, we didn’t even try. I let them play and they had a lot of fun and I didn’t have to fight with two little guys who just wanted to play with their toys. The way I see it, this school year has been a complete write-off anyhow.

Anyhow, I don’t think you’re here to listen to my adventurers in parenting through the pandemic. Basically, the only people that can say they’ve done this before were alive in the early twentieth century, so they would be really, really old now and I’m sure they would say to do whatever you want.

So, back to my writing. Last week, I mentioned that I would be going through my current projects and getting them ready to start work on again. My reading has been limited, but I have made several notes on historic events for the world-building and am in the process of putting together character profiles and backgrounds. In case you were wondering, I am most definitely a planner and not a panster!

If you’ve never heard of the term pantser, it describes the process of writing a story with no idea of how it will end. It can also be referred to a discovery writing. The opposite of a panster is a planner. I imagine that doesn’t need much explanation. Now, I’ve tried pantsing (that’s the present tense for pantser) before and I often get stuck about five chapters in. When I have an outline, I don’t have that problem. That’s why I take the time beforehand to get things ready.

Fruits Basket Episode 62 Ayame and Kyo

So far, I’m pretty happy with how the planning is going and I’m actually delighted with some of the aspects that I’ve worked through with my epic fantasy series. I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions as to why something happened or what could have happened to make this happen. It’s resulted in some amazing backstory ideas which will help to give the story its drive and make the characters do certain things. Basically, I’m having a lot of fun with world-building.

Another thing that I’ve been looking into is the process of making fantasy maps. I like to draw and drawing maps seems like it will be a fun thing to do that will help to flesh out the world. It’s also something cool that I can share here and put in the books. Obviously, I’m just in the research phase at the moment, but I’ve learnt a lot already. That’s going to be something else to start work on in July.

July 2nd is the first day of my son’s summer camp program and that will be the big push on my paranormal rom-com story. I’ve got somewhere between twenty-thirty thousand words left to write so all going well, I will have a completed first draft before the end of July. As I intend to release it as a web novel and a light novel, I’m going to start working on some artwork to include. With that and the map-making, I’m going to need to set aside some time to draw each day as well. That’s great because I really haven’t given myself enough time to draw lately.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 4 Naked Tomoki Rescues Pantyless Sohara

Would you believe it, the final episode of Fruits Basket airs later today! It’s insane to think that I will have no more Fruits Basket to watch. I’ve been covering this show since it started airing in the Spring of 2019. Since then, I’ve written sixty-two episode reviews, two season reviews, and two spin-off ideas. There is just one episode review and the final season review to go. Funny to think I only started the first season because of a recommendation on Twitter…

My reviews for Heaven’s Lost Property and Otherside Picnic are still coming. I’ve almost finished writing up the first season of Heaven’s Lost Property while Otherside Picnic is completely scheduled. I’m still working on the show that will follow on from Fruits Basket, so just two weeks before that starts. Have you guessed what it is yet? I gave lots of clues a couple of weeks back…

I’ve even started work on the show that will follow Otherside Picnic… I know, it’s crazy, but this system works for me. It’s giving me time to work on other projects while allowing me to schedule ahead of time. Doing it that way also makes my life a little easier should something unexpected show up, much like it did at the beginning of May.

I also released my season review of Combatants Will Be Dispatched! which was one of the shows I’ve been watching and not reviewing. It was a lot of fun and I would recommend it if you like shows like KonoSuba. I have two more bonus season reviews coming in the next two weeks, so keep an eye out for them.

So, that’s pretty much everything I’ve been doing. I feel like I’ve completely recovered from COVID-19 and even had my first vaccine last week. That hit me hard, which is good as it proves that I have the antibodies already. I’m just excited to see everything starting to come together again.

What do you do to prepare? Anyhow, thanks for reading and stay safe.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 3 Grimm Alice and Agent Six


  1. I’m a planner too. I outline, research places or historical events, and develop character backstories. Happy planning!

    • There’s something really satisfying about getting all the pieces together before writing. Thanks

  2. I feel like I just stepped into a meeting of Pantsers Anonymous.

    You were smarter than I was. You got five chapters in and realized you’d hit a dead end. I’d get fifty thousand words in and before realizing I had written myself into the middle of nowhere. Even my characters ridiculed me.

    Now, I see the light that is plot.

    You mentioned drawing maps, and that reminded me of how much I miss it! I still have a posterboard-sized map of a fantasy world I created. I think the geography needs work, because I didn’t take enough geology into account. Still, it was fun.

    I laughed a lot watching Combatants! My only complaint? It needed more Grimm. That would have made it better, IMHO.

    • To be fair, I did try pantsing more than once. I think I have three stalled projects all at the infamous fifth chapter.

      Yeah, I think it’ll be fun to do a map. I’m even thinking of doing one for my paranormal rom-com which would be more like a map at a holiday resort.

      Yeah, Grimm was criminally underused. The joke about her being asleep all the time or dead wasn’t as funny as the times she was awake/alive.

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