Do you even NaNoWriMo?

The Otaku Author Do You Even NaNoWriMo

Today is officially the start of NaNoWriMo 2020 (unless you live in an earlier time zone and then it might have been yesterday). All right, it’s officially when I start! So, fingers on the keyboard and start typing…

What is NaNoWriMo?

Well, it’s an event that happens every November all around the world. During the thirty days of November thousands and thousands of writers will each attempt to write a fifty-thousand-word novel. Sounds easy, right? It is only 1,667 words-a-day…

I first attempted NaNoWriMo back in 2007 and I can tell you it wasn’t easy. The biggest problem I faced then was that I didn’t have a plan. Sure, some writers like to write without a plan and some need a plan. I need a plan! Without it, I make it to about ten-thousand words and then get stuck.

Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I am an ideas guy. I have so many ideas for stories that I often lose track of them only for the best ideas to resurface at a later date. I’m always looking for stories. So, you’d think that it shouldn’t be a problem. Well, ideas don’t necessarily make a story.

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Anyhow, this year I have a plan (just like the three times I have completed it) and am ready to roll. Another thing that is really helpful is accountability. That’s why I’ve made this post and will continue to post weekly updates on my progress. Going forward, you can expect an update on Tuesdays of the previous week’s word count.

Right well, I better get to work on my 1,667 words for today. Those words aren’t going to write themselves. Let me know if you’re doing NaNoWriMo or even if this post has inspired you to give it a go. Here is the official NaNoWriMo website and if you need any support, feel free to add me as a friend. Surprisingly, my name there is TheOtakuAuthor… Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone taking part.

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    • Thanks. It’s definitely easier if you plan on doing it and not dive in at the last second. Not impossible though.

    • I can appreciate that. This year’s been a complete cluster-f@&k. I felt like I needed to end the year with an accomplishment. Plus I’m writing a fun chilled out story that should be ideal escapism.

  1. Good luck with NaNo! I don’t think I’ll ever do it myself, doing that many words in a day is just too much pressure for me. I’m a pantser by nature, I go where the flow takes me and something that rigid just isn’t my thing.

    • When I have a plan, I can write 3-5k words in a day. Without a plan I find myself staring at the screen waiting for something to happen. It’s definitely a case of whatever works better for you.

      Of course, we now find ourselves on opposite sides of the great Plotter verses Pantser war…

    • Nice. Good luck to you too. I have to wait until the evening to get started. Weekends always take up more of my time.

  2. I just got back from work and I’ll be writing later today. I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo since 2014 and have completed the challenge for every one except for in 2017. Those books I wrote even got published NaNoWriMo is fun, but a TON of hard work.

    • Awesome work. I’m going to do mine later too. Excited to get going this year as I’m writing something completely different to normal. Going to find out if I’m as funny as I think I am…

    • Nice. I’m thinking if this goes well I’ll turn it into a series. It certainly has the potential. If you use the NaNoWriMo website, my profile is TheOtakuAuthor if you want to send me a friend request. Seeing you putting the words down will surely help keep me going.

    • Good work. I got lampooned last night. We had daylight savings change yesterday and with Halloween the day before the kids wouldn’t settle. By the time they went to bed I was exhausted and just passed out. Got to catch up today…

    • I think doubling up for one day was unrealistic. I’m at 1,200 so far today and want to try to get to 2,000 by the end of the day. I’ll look to claw it back over a couple of days.

  3. No, I don’t NaNoWriMo… But I do take a stab at NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month) most years. It’s not at all easy to come up with a even a half-ass haiku on demand, let alone every day for a month! I think the best I ever did was two better-than-average ones in the entire month.

    • Yes, I remember you mentioning the Haiku version. Make sure you share some of them this time around. I’d be interested to what you come up with, half-assed or not. They’ll more than likely be better than anything I could up with.

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