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Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Title

With an agreement in place, the White Queen heads to the Black Kingdom in order to assist in defeating Bahl. The Princes of Darkness is forced to wait in the White Kingdom as a hostage until it’s all over!

What happened?

So, the White Queen goes off on her own, flying to fight Bahl in the Black Kingdom. Luckily, he obliges and shows up to attack the capital of the Black Kingdom right on schedule. Vallus and Lady Groza have also been busy putting together an army to face Bahl. However, he’s too strong and after several attacks, Bahl is ready to end it. That’s when the King of Darkness steps in and takes on Bahl himself. Things look to be going this way, but then Bahl steps up his attack, however, the White Queen arrives and restrains him. Together, they imprison Bahl in a mountain. With her job done, the White Queen heads home, but she’s used a lot of power in this battle. Will she make it home safely from the Black Kingdom?

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 5 Lady Groza

What did you think?

Another impressive fight with Bahl, but even that wasn’t enough. Once more, we’re left with absolutely no idea why any of this is happening and while I’m not a fan of lots of exposition, this series really hasn’t done enough to make us care about anything that’s happening. It’s a real shame because the animation is clean and there’s obviously been some thought put into the world-building. The characters, however, seem to be pretty bland and like Bahl, they just seem to show up and do what they’re supposed to do. It really is that boring.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 5 Bahl versus Vallus

What have you learnt?

My biggest issue with this series so far is that it’s wasting what potential it had. I can’t help but think of some of the other incredible fantasy anime series and how much better they are than this one. In most instances, they make you care about the characters. Even if you end up with no interest in what happens to the world, there will be a character that you’re cheering on. With the decision to keep the characters to pretty much cardboard cutouts and not developing them beyond some nice character designs, this series is failing to inspire me at all. I’m not even sure what I’ve learnt, other than that I want to avoid doing whatever this is.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 5 Iris the Queen of White

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