Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle (Episode 1) – The Land Protected by Light

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Title

The only survivor of a monster attack on his village, a boy is approached by a wandering knight who sees a little of himself in the boy. The Knight’s days are numbered and he offers the boy a chance to follow his dream!

What happened?

The monster attack on the village was brutal and unforgiving, leaving only one survivor. A black knight who called himself Sheer arrived at the village and found the boy digging a large hole. There was some talk of the Black King of Darkness and how he is not watching over the people of the land. Sheer reveals he had tried to become the king but lost. He believes that the boy may be able to succeed where he failed and gives him his sword and sends him to the capital.

In the sky, the Queen of Light is busy fighting off another wave of attacks from the King of Darkness. The attacks are becoming more frequent and she fears that they may not be able to hold them back for much longer.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 1 The Black Prince of Darkness

What did you think?

So, this is yet another fantasy series based on a game and while this one looked all right, it really failed on the story delivery. Everything was so rushed that you will struggle to remember anyone’s names or feel anything for them. The boy’s village was decimated, the children eaten, the adults eaten, but there was no connection beyond them being children. It was a fairly weak attempt to make us care about the character. Sheer arrived and challenged the boy to fight. He impressed him enough to leave his legacy to the boy. Then, when Sheer died, the boy was heartbroken, but they’d only just met and he’d tried to kill him.

The worst moment was when the boy arrived in the capital. Sheer had told him to find Vallus and once he’d impressed him with his sword, Vallus would watch over him. Well, he failed to impress him with the sword but caught him off-guard with some words and Vallus jumped to serve him. It’s all too damn fast. Where is the character development and natural progression of things?

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 1 The Queen of Light

What have you learnt?

It’s going to be an interesting season watching this, Shachibato, and Princess Connect as all are based on games and all set in a fantasy world. I can’t wait to compare them and see what works and what doesn’t. At the moment, Princess Connect is so far in the lead, that the other two might as well give up. I hope they don’t and I’m not left regretting sticking with them for an entire season. Only time will tell, but it should make for an interesting study, nonetheless.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 1 Vallus

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