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Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Title

The King of Darkness attacks the sky islands and makes the Queen of Light look like a weakling. Then, he leaves and returns to Earth. Meanwhile, the potential Prince of Darkness continues his training.

What happened?

Bahl, possibly the King of Darkness, makes quick work of the mages protecting a city of the sky islands. Then, when an elf tried to intervene with three spirits, it’s pretty much a repeat performance. Luckily, the Queen of Light has arrived and takes up the fight, only she can’t do much better and Bahl grows bored and leaves.

The Prince of Darkness continues his training with Vallus, learning about the world, languages, and swordplay. Then, to show off his latest accomplishments, Vallus gives him the late Sheer’s armour and he bumps into Lady Groza in the wasteland. After saving her, she asks to speak with him about the other candidates to be the Prince of Darkness.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 2 The Queen of Light

What did you think?

And Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle falls into last place in the fantasy game turned anime series contest of Spring 2020. After the first episode which was a mess, they followed up with a complete snoozefest. Even with a fairly good fight at the beginning of the episode, it failed to do anything interesting. I still don’t know or care to know the main characters’ names. Was it as rushed as the last episode? Possibly not, but then we did squeeze in a training montage and boom, the Prince of Darkness is badass, saving busty demon women, and making them fall in love with him. So, yeah, it probably was as rushed. Did I mention that this episode was boring?

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 2 Bawl fighting the Queen of Light

What have you learnt?

One of the things that I feel is very important in storytelling is to let the audience know what the story is about fairly early on. You don’t have to give everything away, but you should at least know where it’s heading. So far, I’ve got nothing with this series and to make that worse, the characters are flat, boring, and have failed to capture my imagination. I really thought that of the three series based on games, this was the one most likely to challenge Princess Connect! Re:Dive, but it appears to be fighting with Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle! for last place. It looks like it’s going to be a messy affair.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 2 Lady Groza tracks down the Prince of Darkness

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