Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle (Episode 7) – Picking Wild Greens

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The White Queen takes everyone on a foraging expedition to collect wild greens so that she can make them a lovely home-cooked meal… Surely, that can’t be the entire episode… can it?

What happened?

So, they all go into the forest in search of wild greens, but that’s not nearly exciting enough so Adel suggests they make a competition about it and work in pairs. Of course, the White Queen knows too much and is excluded from the contest although she will be around to offer advice when needed. After a bit of foraging, they count up their greens and the Prince of Darkness and Theo won. Now, to cook them up.

The boys go and gather firewood while the girls get some water. There’s a moment of madness when Theo appears to have gone missing. The Prince of Darkness runs towards the White Queen and trips, knocking her into the lake. They have a laugh about it and the White Queen is pleased that he showed such concern for Theo, who had already headed back with Groza and Sheama.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 7 Lady Gorza and the White Queen

What did you think?

My first thought is that this series really has no right to have such a good OP and ED. Seriously, both are excellent. Next week, I might just watch those and skip the actual episode, because this series is terrible. There, I’ve said it. Who in their right mind would make an entire episode about collecting wild greens and use a ridiculously over the top reaction to force the Prince and the Queen together? Everything about this series is forced. The romance between the Prince and the Queen is boring. He basically fell in love with her at first sight and even though he’s just looking at her like normal, it’s making Groza jealous, and that feels even more forced.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 7 The Prince of Darkness and the White Queen

What have you learnt?

This series isn’t just the bottom of the three-horse race for best series based on a mobile game released in Spring 2020, but it’s possible the bottom series of all seasons I’ve watched this year. There is absolutely no continuity to the pace, tone, genre, or anything for that matter. It’s a complete mismatch of elements and it just makes the whole viewing experience awkward. I picked this series because it looked to be an action-adventure with potentially dark undertones. Now, it might have done that in the first episode, but now it’s a light and goofy slice of life romance. I think I’ve talked a lot about expectations this season and right now, I have no idea what to expect from this series going forward, other than I don’t trust Adel.

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 7 Black and White enjoying a Meal together

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