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Minato has been president of Kibou Company for six months now and it’s time for the Interim Report to be filed. Normally, that’s Guide’s job, but Minato is keen to help out, although helping might not be the optimum word!

What happened?

Guide is flying through her section of the report while Minato types with two fingers, slowly and inaccurately. After a while, it’s time for lunch and Guide decides to take Minato for a picnic overlooking the Gate. It’s an impressive view and the food was incredible, but as usual, Minato takes on more than he can handle. They head back to the office and finish off the report. With all the work done, Minato joins Guide for a drink and once more takes on too much…

Later, Akari shows up at the office and asks Minato if he has plans for tomorrow. When he says he doesn’t she arranges to meet him. She drags him around the shops looking for a present for a male friend, hence why she wants Minato’s opinion. Finally, after lots of failed ideas, they settle on a tie clip that also boosts mental focus. On the way home, Akari reveals that it is for Minato and that she likes him as her boss, even if he’s still a little unreliable.

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What did you think?

How best to describe this episode? Hmm! Well, the first half was Minato and Guide completely a report and the second half was Minato and Akari going shopping. Probably not what you’d expect from a series about adventuring. That said, I actually quite liked it. It’s clear that the business side of adventuring is not nearly as exciting as the adventuring side of… err… adventuring, but there were some nice moments between Minato and Guide and Akari. Back in the first episode, I mentioned that this one feels like a Cute Girls doing Cute Things type of show and it very much is. It’s not spectacular by any means, but enjoyable all the same.

Shachibato President it's time for battle Episode 7 Minato and Guide have a picnic overlooking the Gate

What have you learnt?

In episode seven of The 8th Son? Are you Kidding Me?! I spoke about choosing the right focus and angle for the story and if you’d pitched this to me, I would have said that maybe it wasn’t the right way to tell the story. I still think there could be more adventures and excitement, but it is fairly enjoyable. I think that’s down to the characters and their relationships with one another. Minato has been thrown into a situation where almost everyone thinks he’s not good enough and he’s had to win their approval while trying to keep the company afloat. It’s been an interesting idea so far and I’m looking forward to more, but more adventuring would be good too.

Shachibato President it's time for battle Episode 7 Guide walking a drunk Minato home

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