Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle! (Episode 2) – Inheritance

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It’s Minato’s first real day as president of Kibou Company and he’s greeted by the employees. Well, greeted might not be the right word for it, as they inform him that the company has no money and might have to close!

What happened?

Having received this bad news they all get together and try to come up with a plan to make some money. Guide informs them that the former president donated a lot of gear from the dungeons to a museum and that they might be able to reclaim it. However, when Minato and Yatoria get there, they discover that they will have to pay an inheritance tax before they can claim it! But they already have no money… Finally, Yatoria brings a flier to their attention. There is a contest that would solve all their problems should they win it, but lots of other companies have their eyes on the prize!

Shachibato President it's time for battle Episode 2 Akari tells Rivar to back off

What did you think?

This series really didn’t get any better. I think the idea of putting business terminology and ideas into adventuring sounds like it might be an interesting idea and done right it probably would be. This is not it, however. If anything, this might be the most pedestrian series I’ve ever watched. There are no stakes, really. I doubt anyone really cares if Kibou Company goes under and as the dungeon is full of business questions, I’ve already lost any hope of there being any real stakes. Where are the monsters, the danger, or even the stakes?

Shachibato President it's time for battle Episode 2 Akari mocking Rivar

What have you learnt?

I like to mix genres and ideas as much as the next mad author, but sometimes, you have to face it that some ideas don’t work. However, as I previously mentioned, I think this idea could work. It just needed something a little more serious or even something more goofball. This series seems to be playing it safe and as a result, it’s not really succeeding with anything. I haven’t even watched episode two of Princess Connect! Re:Dive and it’s jumped even further into the lead. Hopefully, the payoff at the end of the season will be worth the wait…

Shachibato President it's time for battle Episode 2 Rivar threatening Kibou Company

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