Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle! (Episode 1) – Induction as President

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Minato’s father disappeared on an adventure and never returned, leaving his company in a state of ruin. Luckily for the employees, Minato is going to step up as President. He hasn’t agreed to it yet, but that doesn’t matter!

What happened?

Minato’s childhood friend, Yatoria asked to meet with him and when he finally gets there, she reveals that she wants him to be… the president of her adventurer company, or his father’s, but she works there too. Of course, Minato is a hopeless NEET and doesn’t seem to want to step up, but Yatoria isn’t taking no for an answer. She introduces him to the other three employees and they head off on an introduction quest. There, they find the boss and beat it thanks to some quick thinking from Minato and the boss just standing around and ignoring them for a considerable period of time. Anyhow, he’s now the president and the company has no money!

Shachibato President it's time for battle Episode 1 Minato watching a tutorial with Yutoria

What did you think?

After the impact Bofuri had on me, I decided that I should give as many shows a go as possible in the hopes of finding the next one. Well, let me get this out of the way quickly. This is not it! This series is the animation based on a roleplaying game and it shows. The story is simplistic and it was crammed with tutorial-style exposition. If anything, this feels like a Cute Girls doing Cute Things with no consequences. But that worked for Bofuri so what’s the difference here. For one, Bofuri never really took itself too seriously. Maple was always goofing around, but here, it seems to think it’s a serious fantasy adventure series and it doesn’t have a story…

Shachibato President it's time for battle Episode 1 Akari fighting the Dungeon Boss

What have you learnt?

This is such a Cute Girls doing Cute Things series that even the boys look like cute girls. Sure, the girls are cute, but something has got to change for this series to hold my interest. Let’s not even talk about the dungeon boss that just turned around and ignored them while they flung slime at its tail. It could yet be a curious series as it seems to want to blend adventuring with modern-day business ideas. I’m not sure how well that will work, but I guess I’m going to have to find out.

Shachibato President it's time for battle Episode 1 Minato meeting Makoto Akari Yutoria and Guide

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    • I can’t argue with that. It’s certainly my least favourite so far and will be the first to fall away should I run out of time.

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