Spy Classroom (Volume 2) – Questions for My Dearest

Spy Classroom Volume 2 Cover

The girls of Lamplight continue their training which involves trying to assassinate their teacher, Klaus. He’s constantly one step ahead of them which is making them wonder why they were selected in the first place!!

Spy Classroom (Volume 2) – Questions for My Dearest

What happened?

For their next attempt to assassinate Klaus, they decide to use the art of seduction and know just who to turn to. Grete is a master of disguise and sets them all up with various outfits from maids to bunny girls. Klaus has no idea what’s going on so he plays along. At one point, Monika slips out of the room while Klaus is distracted and takes care of another matter, the true nature of their current mission. They obtained some more information about Klaus and planned to use that to find a weakness.

What they do discover is that he used to live with another group in that house. Possibly a former team. Then, it comes crashing together. Klaus was a member of Inferno, a secret group of assassins that have been changing the world for decades. Thea reveals that she was once kidnapped by a group who wanted her parents to fabricate the media to turn things in one political party’s direction, however, she was rescued by a woman from Inferno who inspired her to become a spy.

However, when they followed Klaus, Thea discovered that Klaus was the only surviving member. They had all lived together in that mansion and the girls of Lamplight are to be the new Inferno if he can get them ready. After a few more attempts on his life, Klaus decides they have done enough to learn what the impossible mission is. The Empire stole a biological weapon that their country was secretly working on and plans to use it to attack them. Four out of five people will die if it is released, which would be catastrophic. They are to enter the empire and steal it back, destroying all records of it in the process.

Spy Classroom Volume 2 Lily the mission begins

What did you think?

I had my concerns about the length of the series when I read the first volume and I think that is coming home to roost. This volume felt rushed. I didn’t feel the connection to the girls that I did in the first volume and they all kind of merged together making it increasingly difficult to tell them apart. The action was all right, but nowhere near as good as in the first book. However, the revelation that Klaus is the only surviving member of an infamous team of spies and he was recruiting a new team was good.

There was one annoying moment where Klaus was briefing the girls about the real reason he chose them all. The panel ended mid-sentence and then the next page skipped forward. I hate deliberate cut-offs like that. It’s as bad as someone reading something and saying “It all makes sense now.” when we have no idea what he’s talking about. It’s not misdirection. It’s lazy storytelling at best. There are better ways to tease the reader or hook them in. As soon as a story does this, I lose a little bit of interest. Anyhow, it looks like the final book will be the impossible mission. I wonder if they’ll succeed!

Spy Classroom Volume 2 Klaus you tease

Volume highlights

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