Spy Classroom (Volume 1) – A Garden of Flowers Ready to Bloom

Spy Classroom Volume 1 Cover

When the Great War ended, the world decided not to enter another such situation and thus the Shadow Wars was born. Lily, an aspiring spy has been selected to join a special unit called LampLight and she can’t wait to start!

Spy Classroom (Volume 1) – A Garden of Flowers Ready to Bloom

What happened?

Lily was delighted to be graduated from spy school and getting to join a team. Apparently, they had asked for her specifically. The principal tried to convince her not to join as it was an impossible mission that had a 90% mortality rate. Lily wasn’t about to be scared. Her team was no doubt going to be full of elite spies that would look after her. No, this was going to be amazing.

However, when Lily entered the mansion that was to be their base of operations, she was met by seven other girls just like her. All were failing their course or had already failed. Suddenly, it wasn’t looking like anyone would protect her. Maybe, their teacher would be able to put them at ease. Unfortunately, Klaus was not a very good teacher. He couldn’t explain anything that came naturally to him. Had Lily been selected to be part of a suicide mission?

Desperate to change her fate, Lily asked Klaus if he would like to go sightseeing with her. Maybe that would help him come up with a plan on how to teach them. However, Lily had planned on taking matters into her own hands. When Klaus suggested that they go out on a row boat, Lily saw her chance. She poisoned him and then told him she was leaving. That was when she noticed that her ankle had been shackled to the boat and it would sink in five minutes. Klaus saw it all coming but was impressed by her tenacity. And now he had a way to teach the girls!

Spy Classroom Volume 1 Lily arrives at LampLight

What did you think?

I’m not sure what I was expecting coming into this series, but I was pleasantly surprised. No, strike that. I loved it. At first, it seemed to be a fairly standard affair with a young spy about to join an established team to learn the ropes. Then, the team was made up of young spies who all needed to learn the ropes. And then, the teacher who was a brilliant spy couldn’t teach them a thing. I loved that Lily took the initiative and tried to ensure her safety and that of her classmates.

However, that was the beginning of the fun as the class has been tasked with making him surrender by any means necessary. This sets the series up for a lot of crazy plans and wicked games. The only problem I see ahead is that the manga is only three episodes long whereas the light novels are up to volume five. Hopefully, we’ll see the girls grow and then complete their impossible mission otherwise this series is going to end on a bit of a sour note. Don’t let me down!

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