Spy x Family (Volume 1) – What a Wonderful Family You Are!

Spy x Family Volume 1 Cover

Twilight is about to take on a mission, unlike anything he’s ever faced. To complete it, he’ll need a family… and he’ll need it in seven days. He’s never had to rely on anyone for anything and now his fate is in their hands!

Spy x Family (Volume 1) – What a Wonderful Family You Are!

What happened?

Twilight has to infiltrate an exclusive school so that he can get close to Donovan Desmond, an Ostanian politician who is possibly masterminding an attack on Westalis. To do that, Twilight will take on the identity of Loid Forger, a psychiatrist. Now, he just needs to find a family. How hard can that be? A quick trip to an orphanage allows Loid to adopt Anya, a quirky little girl that has no history and has bounced between foster parents and orphanages. What Loid doesn’t know is that she is telepathic and is delighted at the idea of living with a spy.

However, the hardest part is yet to come. A chance meeting in the tailors with a girl called Yor offers Loid the chance to pull the family together. She needs a fake boyfriend to get her brother off her back and he needs a pretend wife for the admissions process. It’s a match made in heaven… Oh, and Yor is also an assassin so living as part of a family will give her more cover and make it less likely for someone to accuse her of being a spy. After Loid saves her from a party as her fake husband (yes, he confused the missions), Yor asks if they can continue the lie. Perfect. Anya, of course, knows everything they are thinking and is over the moon to have an assassin as her mother. Now, for the school admissions process.

Spy x Family Volume 1 Loid Anya and Brair after recovering a stolen purse

What did you think?

I’m not a huge fan of anime with little children in it, so I avoided Spy x Family regardless of how well it was being received. At some point in the future, I had planned on maybe watching it. Maybe. Then, I got a hold of the manga and everything changed. This book is fantastic. I could not stop laughing. If you have children, then this book will hit home hard. There are so many moments that perfectly encapsulate what it’s like being a parent. I laughed when Loid commented on how hard it was and how he’d never been nervous about anything compared to the admission test. No matter how hard you try, children will say the wrong things at the wrong time.

I loved the admissions process where they were being assessed. Both Loid and Yor could tell they were being watched from the beginning and acted accordingly. Anya knew because they knew and did her best to follow their lead. I also loved Loid’s changes of clothing and how the house master was reacting to their elegance. The best thing about this series though is that Loid and Yor are perfect for one another and not just as covers. Neither seems to flinch when the other does something almost inhuman because it probably seems natural to them. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be moving the anime up my to-watch list.

Spy x Family Volume 1 Loid Forger discovering how hard parenting is

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  1. I felt the same way as you initially – a little wary of it at first, but then after reading the first few volumes, was hooked! And now, I’m caught up to where the anime left off, manga-wise. I can definitely tell you that things will get more exciting the more you invest in it – Anya’s school escapades, Loid’s missions and Yor’s family drama are gonna be the highlights.

    And if I ever do subscribe to Crunchyroll, first thing I’m gonna do is race through the anime so I can finally talk about it ????

    • I have a couple of other shows lined up but will get to it soon, especially with the second season almost here.

      It’s not at all what I was expecting and in a good way.

    • It’s always good when that happens. Another show that had the same effect as SpyXFamily was a recent show that I finished, Assassination Classroom. Far from it being a regular shonen, it had pretty good characters (especially a dank teacher-prantagonist, despite his flaws) and the story’s presentation went deeper than what I anticipated. Being able to find pearls like these is a huge factor to why I still continue to dive into anime as a whole 🙂

      And right, I forgot the second season was coming very soon. The race to catch up is now even realer lol

    • I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of Assassination Classroom and didn’t get into it. It’s one I’ve been planning on revisiting at some point though.

      Yeah. It makes it all worth while when you find one of those shows, and they happen at a good rate, I find.

    • I haven’t started the anime yet, but the manga is off to a great start. Will continue reading and one day fit the anime into my schedule.

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