The Girl in the Arcade (Volume 3) – Things Get Steamy!

The Girl in the Arcade Volume 3 Cover

The girls attempt to hide Mobuo in the hot spring and almost drown him. It worked though, but why are the four of them sharing a room, and what is this giant controller doing here, and why is the joystick floppy?

The Girl in the Arcade (Volume 3) – Things Get Steamy!

What happened?

When the owner of the hot spring found out that Mobuo had entered the wrong pool because of her mistake, she was incredibly sorry. It all worked out in the end so no harm. However, after all that excitement, they went to the arcade in search of something yummy to eat. Luckily, there was a claw game that dispensed ice cream as the prize and the settings were on easy mode. They won a handful of treats and headed back to the room. Somehow, the girls got drunk on ice cream and that’s when they noticed the giant controller…

Anyhow, back home they were busy preparing for Nanora’s birthday when a creep entered the arcade and took some photos of Shigure’s panties. Mobuo came up with a plan to catch the culprit although he was pretty sure he knew who it was. They caught the rival arcade manager but missed Nanora’s birthday. They tried to explain, but Nanora was disappointed despite saying she was fine. Mobuo managed to win her over by showing her the present they got her – her own claw game machine.

After taking it to her house, meeting her three younger siblings, and seeing a lot of Nanora’s underwear, Mobuo discovered that Nanora liked him. Liked him a lot! Well, with Shigure and Rarara also confessing their feelings, they needed to find a way to solve it. Luckily, the human claw machine was back. Mobuo was put in the harness and each of the girls lay in the prize area. Whoever he picked up was the one he chose, but then the power went out…

The Girl in the Arcade Volume 3 Power outage means we dont know whose boobs Mobuo grabbed

What did you think?

It was another great volume in this wildly entertaining series. However, it is the end. There will be no more volumes of The Girl in the Arcade which makes me sad, especially as we will never know who Mobuo chose. I have to believe it was Nanora, especially as she is the most endearing of his admirers. She literally has no flaws while the others clearly do. Not deal-breakers mind you, but they are not Nanora so there…

I had to stop reading for a second when the girls were playing with the giant game “controller” because that was just too funny. Mobuo’s mysterious absence from those panels was noted and despite what the narrator said, it was pretty clear what was going on. I know I said that I am sad that the series is ending, but I can also see that there really isn’t that much more to do related to the arcade. It really has been a lot of fun and as someone that spent too much time in an arcade growing up, there were a lot of great nostalgic moments. This was a lot of fun and I’m still hoping that it gets the anime treatment at some point.

The Girl in the Arcade Volume 3 Nanora realises she loves Mobuo

Volume highlights

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