The Hikikomori Endurance (A Holiday Message from the Otaku Author)

The Otaku Author The Hikikomori Endurance

Back in December 2019, I wrote a post comparing the Hikikomori lifestyle to the holiday period. I thought it was a pretty funny comparison, however, it’s been two years since then and it’s lost a bit of its sheen!

How are you holding up?

After the infamous hikikomori trail post, I followed it up a year later with the hikikomori life. Of course, I was certain that things would have been on their way to getting back to normal by now, well at least something resembling a new normal. However, it would appear that the world has other ideas. So, it looks like I’ll be remaining in my basement for the time being (that’s where my office is, I’m not a complete hermit).

That said, I do enjoy working from home. There’s a little more freedom and flexibility. I’m sure they get more work out of me, but I can also watch anime on my breaks without worrying about someone walking into my cubicle and asking what I’m doing. There’s even a real chance that it will become the norm going forward.

Anyhow, as we face another new strain that seems to be determined to take over the world, it would appear that it’s a good time to stay at home and enjoy the holidays with your immediate family. Sure, it sucks not going to parties and hanging out with friends, but, take it from me, having COVID sucks a lot more.

KonoSuba Movie Legend of Crimson Yun-yun's Dad

The Hikikomori Endures…

It really is a good time to be stuck at home though, there’s never been more to watch, read, play, listen to. You name it, there is no way you can possibly run out of things to do. It’s been a crazy couple of years and I’d like to think we’ve all gotten a little bit stronger, as a result, however, if you’re struggling with loneliness, don’t be afraid to reach out. I’ll happily talk about all sorts of things for hours and I’m connected pretty much all the time.

So, don’t feel like you have to suffer alone. Hit me up in the comments or DM me on Twitter if you’d rather. Even if it’s just to exchange recommendations for anime, books, or games. If you want to talk about writing or art, I’m also here for you. Basically, don’t suffer alone, do it while chatting to me. That’ll make the silence between messages seem that much more enjoyable…

Seriously though, it’s a tough time of year normally and this year it’s going to be a little bit harder. I am always available. Together we can get through this. In fact, it’s the only way. Trying to go it alone will not solve the problem we are facing right now. Everyone has to do their part.

Thanks for stopping by for this holiday message from the Otaku Author. It may have gotten a little darker than I had planned, but I think it’s an important message to get out there. Now, get back to doing what it was you were doing. Whatever it was make sure to have a good time. At this point, we’re all pretty experienced at being a Hikikomori. We’ve got this. Just remember, it could be worse. In 1918, they didn’t have the internet, just Spanish flu! Stay safe and believe in the me that believes in you!

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