Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 12) – Takt -Hope-

Takt Op Destiny Title

Orpheus stands between Takt and Destiny and their mission to stop Sagan from doing whatever it is that he’s doing. Will they save New York or will Sagan succeed in whatever the hell he’s doing?

Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 12) – Takt -Hope-

What happened?

After Heaven and Hell merged to form Orpheus they were quick to take the fight to Destiny, but not before destroying all the D2s so that they could fight uninterrupted. Destiny seemed oddly confident in her abilities to fight one on one. Did Heaven and Hell stand a better chance two on one? I guess we’ll never find out as they threw that chance away and went straight to the last resort.

Destiny tried over and over again to get close enough to do any lasting damage to Orpheus, however, it took Takt charging in and kicking Orpheus in the face to give her the opening she needed. Once she realised what had happened it was too late as Destiny fired off her cannon, obliterating her upper half. She told Takt to go after Sagan while she occupied Orpheus who was already regenerating.

Takt found Sagan skewered by the black meteorite but still able to spew a bunch of garbage about why he was doing what he was doing even if it didn’t make a lick of sense. Then, Takt said something about music being the saviour, everyone cried, it was beautiful… or something like that. Anyhow, Destiny defeated Orpheus and then gave Takt her sword so he could skewer Sagan some more, killing him, the black meteorite, and the D2s… That made even less sense. Then, as Takt lay dying Destiny gave him a kiss and then vanished, no doubt saving his life.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 12 Destiny and Orpheus

What did you think?

I’m going to start off by being positive. The fight between Destiny and Orpheus has some nicely animated moments. Other than that, however, this episode pretty much finished in the worst possible way, which was sadly how I feared it would. As much as I have not enjoyed this series, I still hoped for a big finish. Something to bring the audience to their feet and demand an encore. That did not happen.

They even pulled a Promised Neverland season two on us with the possibly most interesting part being a collection of slides from a presentation as we saw Sagan falling to pieces as the D2s steadily pushed humanity back. His moment of realisation was as half-assed as his character. His plan to solve everything was even worse. This series sits proudly next to Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle as a prime example of how not to put together a story to prequel into a game. I’m just glad it’s over now!

Takt Op Destiny Episode 12 Sagan

What have you learnt?

I have so many issues with this series that I’m not sure where to begin. In this episode, we saw the D2s attacking in Sagan’s flashback but they don’t seem to actually be a threat, at least we’ve not seen it. The Musicarts are able to easily cut down armies of them so how did this even become an issue. Why is it that the actual monsters end up becoming nothing more than cannon fodder as the humans are revealed to be the true monsters? I understand the trope, but I’ve also seen it done more convincingly in independent zombie movies with zero budget. This series wasted all its time and effort on a handful of fight scenes and forgot about giving it any substance to attach to.

The story was flat and uninteresting. It was full of holes that required the characters to do things purely to advance the plot. As a result, the characters ended up being fairly flat and undeveloped. I literally felt nothing for any of them, least of all Takt. He was the same character in the last episode as he was in the first. Anna was the same too except for the sudden revelation that she liked Takt in the previous episode. Destiny had the best growth, but it was all for nothing.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 12 Destiny says goodbye

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