Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 4) – Let the Performance Begin -Showtime-

Takt Op Destiny Title

Lenny and Titan take Takt, Destiny, and Anna to a farm outside Las Vegas which is now the main source of income for the residents. There’s something sinister going on though and Destiny is keen to get to the bottom of things!

Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 4) – Let the Performance Begin -Showtime-

What happened?

Lenny and Titan continue to teach Takt and Destiny how to fight the D2s as they travel down towards Las Vegas, or at least where Las Vegas used to be. All that’s left now is farmland after the D2s attacked. Lenny meets an old friend on the road who invites them to come to see the farm and visit with his girlfriend. Well, how can Lenny and Titan resist the invitation?

Once they arrive at the farm, the owner, Mr Lang stops by to invite them over for dinner, however, Lenny has already accepted his friend’s invitation. After dinner, Lenny and Titan slip out to visit with Mr Lang where they say that they want to play… and drop a pile of money onto the table.

Mr Lang shows them to his underground casino which has been funded by the hard-working farmers and government grants that have been siphoned off. It would appear that another member of the Symphonica is a regular visitor too, but he’s not there now.

Destiny, Takt, and Anna sneak into the casino as Destiny is following a vibration. She believes it to be the D2s but isn’t sure. Of course, the D2s emerge in the middle of the casino, destroying everything. Mr Lang tries to run with his money. Lenny and Titan give Takt and Destiny another lesson in which they perform admirably. After they’ve won, Titan tracks down Mr Lang and takes care of him.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Titan Lenny Destiny and Takt

What did you think?

It’s a worrying trend right now. I feel like each episode has been slightly worse than the last one. Again, this one was fine, but I don’t seem to be engaged with the story or the characters now. Titan’s lean in moments were probably the highlight of the episode which is sadly nothing to get excited about. It all felt kind of boring.

I understand that D2s would be attracted to music and the casino was definitely playing music, but it seems all a bit coincidental that they appear just when Lenny and Titan are checking the place out. They are obviously on some sort of mission to ensure that government funds aren’t being misused… I’m really struggling to get behind this series, especially as the animation, which was a big selling point in the first two episodes has decreased in quality.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Titan

What have you learnt?

I’ve reviewed several series that were made off the back of mobile/video games and they are generally hit or miss. The ones that work have a story that pulls you in without having to have seen/played the original version. This series doesn’t feel like it has that much of a story and as such is drawing things out. Presumably, it’s taken us three episodes to get back to where things left off at the end of episode one and I don’t think it’s done anything to develop the story or the characters.

This is one of the dangers of reviewing seasonal anime as it airs. If I wasn’t reviewing this series, I think this episode would have been the moment where I would drift away. When I’m loving a series, I generally try to watch each episode as soon as it’s released. I’m not going to be in a hurry to watch the next episode. My only hopes are that something happens to turn it around and make the remainder of the series interesting. I want to enjoy it, why wouldn’t I, but so far it’s just not hitting the notes I would have hoped for based on the first episode.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Destiny versus D2

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  1. Ngl, this is the most boring episode when I knew exactly what’s happening with all the “teaching talented newbie to control power” stuff. Now I get why many people are dropping this series and claim this episode is filler. It is filler because there’s no new information/vague hints about the D2s (which is still a badly-made naming for a monster name to me) or Musicarts or both origins.

    While I get the “calm before the storm” type of episode is needed to be written for getting ready for emotional impact of The Bug Reveal, I don’t think I’ll write an episode like this one for it seems too predictable in a “just as I expected” kind of way. Well 86 do have these kind of episodes, but the only difference is that while many 86 episodes are predictable (that’s what it is for me), the writing staff used vague hints in visual symbolism that makes the exposition dumps sound interesting and make sense that makes The Reveals feel valuable. Takt Op(us) unfortunately doesn’t make effort to make the vague hints be obvious. It’s either they’re absent or they are written in a sudden exposition dump without any mysterious build-up leading to its Big Reveal.

    And yes, this is revealed to be a MIXED-MEDIA project which always have a mobile game as the most basic outline of its blueprint. I believe I’m placing very low expectations on this anime adaptation and ngl, I’m not keen in watching the current episode until the day before a new one arrives.

    • The thing with filler is that it can still be fun. This was not fun. It also didn’t tell us anything really, so it felt like a big waste of time, which is something that really annoys me.

      The worst thing about this episode is that I care even less about the characters than I did before it. My review for the next episode comes out tomorrow and I’m getting more and more frustrated with this series. If I wasn’t reviewing it, I would have walked away.

      I just hope it does something to keep me enterained as I struggle through the remaining episodes.

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