Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 8) – Destiny -Cosette-

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Now that Takt knows the truth of Cossette’s death, he has finally found a purpose and that is to pulverise Felix Schindler. If only Hell would get out of the way! Will Takt finally get some closure?

Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 8) – Destiny -Cosette-

What happened?

So, Felix confessed to being the person behind the D2s attack on Takt’s hometown which resulted in Cossette’s death and Takt is determined to make him pay. So much so that he attacks himself, bypassing Destiny. Unfortunately, Hell gets in the way. Felix orders her to finish him off. Destiny blocks some attacks, but he gets injured badly.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Destiny scoops him off the ground and runs. They are no match for Hell. Destiny hides in a cave with Takt where she attempts to bandage his wounds. She even helps him drink some water. Once the weather lightens up, Destiny heads out to fight Hell alone. However, she’s no match for her, especially without a conductor.

Takt woke up and stumbled out of the cave. Amazingly, he found his way to the fight between Hell and Destiny and proceeded to tell her off. They got into a fight ignoring Felix and Hell. That’s when Lenny and Titan arrived and decided to occupy Hell until Takt and Destiny had worked out their issues. Ultimately, Heaven shows up, stops the fight, fires Felix, tells Lenny to keep it quiet, and takes Hell back to Sagan.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 8 Destiny

What did you think?

It’s no secret that I’ve not been enjoying this series since the first episode. Well, this is the moment that I lost any shred of respect that I had for the series. By this, I’m referring to the image below which shows Lenny and Felix battling. I laughed so hard that I almost covered my laptop with tea. This was officially the most ridiculous moment in any anime battle I’ve ever seen. Look at them. Lenny could run over and hit Felix they are stood so close together.

There were some flashy moments once more when Destiny and Hell were battling, but the progression of the scenes in this episode made no sense. Felix and Hell lured Destiny and Takt to the mountain. They let them run away and hide in a cave. While they were in the cave, Felix and Hell returned to some sort of log cabin to relax. Then, they came out again once Destiny left Takt in a cave to die alone had he not woken up. Takt wants to connect the notes in his song, but it looks like someone needs to connect the scenes a little better. This was all over the place.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 8 Lenny and Felix battling

What have you learnt?

Once again, the animation varied wildly throughout the episode. I think the animators only like Hell which is why she gets some incredible images. And I’m with them all the way. Takt has become the single most annoying element of this series. He’s rash and impulsive and would have been dead if not for Destiny and a certain amount of plot armour. Are we supposed to believe that Hell was holding back the entire time and her attacks weren’t meant to kill Takt?

The most frustrating part of this show is that I don’t think I’m learning anything from it. Sure, some shows are just for enjoyment, but this one isn’t hitting that note either. I can’t use flashy animation and musical scores in my stories. So, I’m left trying to understand why certain things are happening and how they progress the story or develop the character. Destiny did get some development in this episode, but it’s all offset by Takt who is still the same person. He hasn’t learnt a thing either.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 8 Hell

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