Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 11) – Preparing for Battle -Orpheus-

Takt Op Destiny Title

Sagan has activated a black meteorite beneath Symphonica HQ and it’s growing by the minute. With Anna and Lotte still in there, Takt, Destiny, and Titan go in to rescue them and finish Sagan once and for all!

Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 11) – Preparing for Battle -Orpheus-

What happened?

Anna and Lotte were busy discussing a potential way to save Takt and Destiny when the ground began to shake. Then, Symphonica headquarters was torn apart by fragments of the black meteorite, D2s spawning from them. Takt discovered what had happened on the news when he woke and then found out that Anna and Lotte were still in there.

Titan informed them that this was Sagan’s doing and that she would come with them to take care of him once and for all. Takt and Destiny were determined to do their part too. Inside, they came up against a horde of D2s and fighting them left Takt unconscious for several minutes. Once he was back on his feet, they kept going.

After a while, they found Anna and Lotte who were being protected by Valkyrie. They rushed in to help and together they took down a large D2. Takt told Titan to get Anna, Lotte, and Valkyrie out while they went after Sagan. Titan promised to come back and then Anna kissed Takt. Nobody saw that coming. Soon after, Takt and Destiny came face to face with Heaven and Hell who joined together to form a single Musicart – Orpheus!

Takt Op Destiny Episode 11 Sagan with the black meteorite

What did you think?

Apparently, all it took for everyone else to realise what a train wreck this series is was for Anna to kiss Takt. The message boards are going mental about this act of treachery. Or is it just last writing… I know where I’m going to place my money. Anyhow, ridiculous kiss aside, I thought this was actually one of the better episodes and it helped that we saw Takt being a conductor of more than one Musicart, which makes a lot more sense.

Of course, the cynical side of me thinks that this is the final idea behind the gacha game that will no doubt see you controlling several Musicarts as they fight the D2s and empty your wallet as you chase the latest skins. Anyhow, it was a better episode, but this series is still terrible. There were so many death flags again that it’ll be a miracle for Takt and Destiny to both make it out of the finale alive!

Takt Op Destiny Episode 11 Anna kisses Takt

What have you learnt?

I learnt that we have no idea what Sagan was doing or why. This episode jumped to Sagan activating the black meteorite by slamming his hand onto a sharp spike. He appeared to be consumed in the expansion but that probably just means he’s a part of it now and will be able to use it to fight Takt. Seriously, it felt like we missed an episode worth of information from the last episode to this one. Not to mention the fact that Anna went to Symphonica headquarters after no doubt discovering that Sagan is the big bad guy!

The plot armour in this show has been infuriating. The characters don’t do anything unless it will magically move the plot forward, even if it seems completely out of character or the dumbest thing they could possible do. Just one more episode to go and then I can forget that this ever happened. At least Orpheus looks like she’ll be fun!

Takt Op Destiny Episode 11 Destiny and Takt versus Orpheus

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  1. What’s worse is that there’s no body language of Anna seeing Takt as her love interest. Because from what I’ve seen so far, I thought she was being a big sister to him. Then again, I must have been blind because I was so distracted with the disoriented writing has made this series become a disappointing originally-made anime.

    Funny enough, I said about this series becoming a trainwreck in a Discord chat that got me wonder of will I able to enjoy this series if I didn’t have the mindset of an aspiring author? After all, anime is meant to be an enjoyable escapism from one’s harsh reality. Nevertheless, this is a subjective topic on what kind of storytelling makes you enjoy to the max. I still don’t regretting of loving Vivy’s storytelling to the max despite several viewers not liking the final ending, the human antagonist’s unreasonable reason to go against the protagonist or both/etc.

    But this episode has reminded once more that I was right in lowering my expectations. Even if the excuse is “we didn’t get a green-lit for another cour”, Takt Op Destiny has ended up being insipid like what this user’s saying: https://twitter.com/SpecsDaBeast/status/1471830840229384198?t=jPnrXwzEUEqKNAviPYMTGw&s=19

    This goes to show that “style over substance” doesn’t last long to distract viewers who are like me to know there’s something wrong with the storytelling going on the derailing track. It’s the worst when it happens after the “3 episode rule”.

    • Yeah, there hasn’t been any real hint that Anna might like Takt before this point and it’s hard to imagine why anyone would suddenly do so given what we’ve seen of him.

      It’s always harder to watch and enjoy shows when you have your author hat on. It is escapist fantasy but it also needs to be well constructed if it’s going to stand the test of time. I’m going to forget this series as soon as it’s over.

      I’m surprised that it hasn’t been a Magicart of the week format. Ironically, if you look at Princess Connect, it did follow the guild/character of the week format but the difference was it incorporated then into the story. Here they were just flashy images thrown at the screen. Everything about this series has been lazy. Even the animation has been inconsistent.

      I can’t wait to see what happens in the final episode. It’s going to be wild!!! Wildly ridiculous…

    • I’m inclined to agree with you. It would have been a really interesting idea had they foreshadowed it, showing Anna struggling with the idea of stepping back for Destiny. Then making her move when she felt she couldn’t wait any longer.

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