Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 3) – Awakening -Journey-

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Takt and Cossette attempt to destroy the D2s that attacked the festival and they’re doing quite well, but then Cossette falls, drained as more appear. Luckily, help is on hand in the form of Lenny and Titan!

Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 3) – Awakening -Journey-

What happened?

Cossette had been reborn by the amber jewel around her neck and somehow combined with Takt. Together, they attacked the D2s mercilessly, determined to wipe them out. However, as Cossette attacked, it drained Takt’s energy until he had no more to give. She collapsed unable to go on and he followed almost immediately after. More D2s surrounded their lifeless bodies, closing in for the kill.

That was when Lenny and Titan arrived on the scene, saving them from an untimely end. Of course, the first they knew of this was when Takt woke up a day later and found Cossette… well, it was and it wasn’t Cossette. She seemed robotic, almost alien, and now called herself Destiny.

Lenny explained everything to them over lunch. He was a Conductor and Titan was his Musciart. It would appear that Cossette had been reborn as Destiny naturally with Takt becoming her Conductor. A naturally occurring Musicart had never been seen before, so this was unprecedented. There was no telling what might happen.

In the middle of lunch as Takt, Anna, and Lenny discussed travelling to New York to the Symphonica in hopes that they would be able to help Destiny, she disappeared. Titan did a scan and found some D2s nearby. Takt ran after Destiny, followed shortly after by Lenny and Titan. Lenny confirmed his fears that Destiny was using his life force as fuel and she could devour him if left unchecked.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 3 Titan and Lenny

What did you think?

So, this episode was fine. I loved the first episode and how it threw you into things without trying to spoonfeed you. The second episode jumped back and showed us how it all started for Cossette and Takt. This episode felt like a huge exposition dump but somehow still managed to not tell us anything we couldn’t have already worked out. The animation is still beautiful, but I am a little concerned about the story.

Another thing that is bothering me is how the Musicarts don’t actually seem to use music as a weapon. I would have thought it would have been far more integral to the story other than being a way to attract the D2s. While we’re talking about that, at the end of the first fight there was a shadowy figure on a rooftop with a large tuning fork. Obviously, this is what attracted the D2s in such numbers. Someone is using them to fulfil some sort of evil agenda.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 3 Destiny not Cossette

What have you learnt?

It still doesn’t feel terribly post-apocalyptic. They talk about dead spots in the country and how hard it is to travel around, but then they still have lavish lunches with produce that would almost certainly have come from somewhere. Details like this pull me out of the story. It’s almost as if they are more concerned with making everything look pretty than whether it actually makes sense in the story.

Lenny has basically confirmed that there is some sort of connection to the event that killed Takt’s father and that the Musicarts are the opposing force to the D2s. Ancient space travelling entities that have been at war for aeons. It feels like this series is trying to be mysterious when it’s quite clearly not. I worry that it will end up not making much sense when we get to the end. It’s also the prequel to a video game so I don’t see any sort of satisfying conclusion either.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 3 Cossette

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  1. One thing about original anime series is that you’ll feel the dread that a spontaneous plot twist (yeah, still didn’t like how ep 20 of Plunderer that I feel like that ridiculous hero has amnesia until he “just remembered” who the heroine’s father is) will always ruin your enjoyment of a satisfying plotline. I too am not a fan of “events keep on happening just for the sake of happening” stuff especially when they’re put as plot points.

    But in the end, I’m placing my emotional bets on this series because the fight scenes of this episode serve a purpose, that’s to show Destiny is an unusual Musicart who acts according to her own will & that Takt’s life force is being used by her. I say the mystery is still kept under wraps though I figure out who’s the real main antagonist, and no, it’s not General Sagan. I’ll let you know in a future episode because I may need more vague hints as proof; for now, he’s hidden in plain sight though he did show up in the previous episode no doubt.

    As for the post-apocalyptic setting, I can agree that things still look like today’s modern setting as if no major damage was made. Of course that festival city has been in ruins, but we don’t witness the aftermath of the ruined city for we went straight to Takt’s house. Nevertheless, the requirements to make a PA setting doesn’t bother me for I think of this series as an alternate world of planet Earth.

    I guess you can say I’ve a little high hopes because for me, each passing episode seems to have made gradual improvement. But I’ll still be cautious because there’s no doubt original anime series can be either a hit or miss. I just have to brace myself for “unsatisfying impact” after deciding not to drop this series.

    • Yeah, I’m certainly not going to drop it. Like Jail, I have my convictions too… lol!

      For me episode one was the high point so far, with the very end of episode two close behind. It certainly has the potential to still be a lot of fun even if the story doesn’t quite hold up.

      I almost feel we would have been better off leaning little bits as they travelled across the country rather than having that first episode and then jumping back. I don’t feel we’ll be back at that timeline for another couple of episodes yet.

      Makes me think that they didn’t believe episode 2 would have been a strong enough place to start the story.
      We’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully, it all comes together for a satisfying conclusion.

  2. I agree, episodes 1 and 2 really shined so episode 3 seems a lot less exciting with more details on Musicarts and how Destiny is a major exception to the rule. Also, no more cutie pie Cossette?!?!
    Destiny’s fight/action scenes are still fantastic but they did Titan dirty since she didn’t get the same treatment. :/

    • Titan got screwed with her weapon too. It’s not nearly as spectacular.

      Episode 1 was my favourite so far and each one since has been my least favourite. Hoping the trend doesn’t continue for too much longer.

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