Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 5) – Equitation -Valkyrie-

Takt Op Destiny Title

They’re back on the road again and headed to New Orleans, but then Destiny destroys a D2 and stops a Symphonica train carrying dangerous cargo. The Commander is curious about Takt and Destiny and offers them a ride!

Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 5) – Equitation -Valkyrie-

What happened?

On the way to New Orleans, they get a flat tire and apparently Anna is the only one that can change it. Takt reluctantly goes to help and only makes things worse. Cossette senses a D2 and rushes to engage. She chases it across the rocky desert and eventually kills it on a train track, forcing the oncoming train to grind to a halt.

Another Musicart approaches Destiny and demands to know what she’s doing. That’s when Anna and Takt catch up and try to explain things, although there is a Commander for the Symphonica on board and he offers to give them a lift, curious about this strange Musicart and unregistered Conductor.

The train is carrying several large black meteorites that the D2 arrived on. This of course attracts the D2s who attack en masse. Destiny leaps through the side of the train to engage them and Takt follows. One of the other Musicarts on board comes to help. They fight them off, however, Destiny may have made a hole in the track ahead and they have to wait for it to be repaired.

Even more D2s arrive forcing Destiny and Valkyrie to attempt to stop them. After some interesting tactics from Takt, they manage to defeat them, but one giant D2 appears. Hell, the Commanders Musicart finally engages and kills it in seconds. Once they arrive in Houston, the Commander offers Takt a position under him, but Takt refuses and they continue on their way to New Orleans.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 5 Destiny and Valkyrie

What did you think?

I apologise ahead of time to anyone that is enjoying this series as I sadly am not. The most entertaining part was when Anna was trying to jack up her car while Takt sat on the hood. He’s a bit of a clueless jerk when it comes to most things. After that, it just went off the rails. Firstly, how did Anna get the tire back on the car so quickly? Destiny had been gone for seconds and she somehow managed to lift the car off the ground, put the wheel on and drive across the desert to catch up.

Now, I wonder if the Commander and his Musicart, Hell are going to be the villains? It seems to be ridiculously cliched, but it’s hard to see it any other way. He didn’t want to report Takt and Destiny to Sagan. Then, he took the black meteorites off on a mysterious mission. Then, there’s Hell who is a complete maniac. I hope I’m wrong because that would mean that the characters aren’t the most basic archetypes imaginable. At least this show has revealed its true purpose – Musicarts, gotta catch em’ all!

Takt Op Destiny Episode 5 Hell and Destiny

What have you learnt?

Despite several fairly entertaining fights, this episode failed to raise any sort of tension. Each time, there was more and more D2s but not once did it feel like things were out of control or that there was actually any danger. This has been a fairly consistent approach to action and it’s boring. I love the more monsters and bigger monsters concept, but it needs to feel like they might lose at some point otherwise it might as well have been one monster.

Ironically for a show with musical magical girls, it has no rise and fall. It just plods along at a constant beat. There’s no danger so there’s no excitement when they win. This series is flat and it’s getting incredibly boring. Sure, it has some nice backgrounds and colourful characters (and by that, I mean literally colourful and not their personalities) but that doesn’t make up for the way this story is told. Next week, I’m sure we’ll meet another couple of Musicarts and by the end of the episode, Takt, Destiny, and Anna will be back on the road again as if nothing happened. Episode one remains the peak of this series so far.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 5 Hell's kind of crazy

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  1. Hey there. I’m trying to catch up the latest four episodes starting with this one. It’s okay that you’re not enjoying this series for I’ve heard a lot of viewers that the story feels either too predictable with its villains’ reveal, a new character being written inconsistently despite having a fascinating character design, or both.

    Actually believe it or not, episode 2 showed the Vice-Captain Shindler said “How peaceful it is that I hope you’ll protect this place well enough” line. Then, Episode 3 scene (right before OP sequence is played) showed a silhouette that it you brighten your screen to the max, it was Hell’s figure. How did I figure out? By watching the OP sequence because I’m unable to skip the awesome theme song which unfortunately backfires on their revealed role as villains being too predictable. I’ve noticed these in one take (no rewatch) yet I didn’t mention it because I feel like I would spoil the villain reveal, worrying that I might ruin your enjoyment in watching the next episodes.

    I have mixed feelings on how these two got revealed too soon with too predictable behaviours. I was expecting them to be revealed around the 9th episode with subtle villainy behaviours/words being made a few seconds in each episode until the 9th.

    As much as I couldn’t care about our teenage trio, Valkyrie has got my unfortunate belief that she’s written with so much inconsistencies. Of course given this series is a 12-ep, I’ve to blame the limited time for her backstory is forced to be told via exposition dump. Even if it’s important info, it’s definitely uninteresting because I don’t get her actual reason why she announced her distrust against Takt when he’s just a bratty & rude kid. Unless I’m guessing she’s one of those characters written with “very loyal until their death” personality or that she has encountered an unregistered Conductor whom might have double-crossed her or both, then it’s kind of jarring to see her blushing for Takt when he told her he liked her name.

    I’m still watching for the mysteries that happened will have answers to be revealed but as far as I’m concerned, I can already predict that the Schindler is using that Black Meteorite to Play God where he attracts D2s with it that the civilians will automatically see the Symphonica as their only saving grace option. Yes, I’ve yet to watch ep 7 or 8 so hopefully I still have my steel heart to endure disappointing reveals/answers in those episodes.

    • Hey, I’m stuggling to watch one a week, can’t imagine what four in a row must be like.

      Even with Schindler’s obvious reveal I think Sagan is still not completely absolved of any suspicion. As soon as you see them in the OP it’s pretty clear that they’re not the friendly type, especially Hell.

      Valkyrie was basically a throw away waifu character. They clearly spent a lot of time developing her appearance, but weren’t bothered to give her any actual character. I liked her design, but chances are we never see her again…

      I literally can’t stand Takt and Destiny isn’t much better. He is the spoilt moody kid who thinks he can do whatever he wants and somehow we’re supposed to believe that he can be the hero.

      I’d say don’t do it, but I’m still watching and mystery loves company. I can’t wait to see what you think of the coming episodes.

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