Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 1) – Conduct -Creed-

Takt Op Destiny Title

When the D2 arrived on Earth they ran rampant, destroying everything they could find. One thing infuriated them more than anything though – music! Humanity hopes to reclaim the Earth with the help of Musicart!

Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 1) – Conduct -Creed-

What happened?

In one of the remaining human settlements in North America, a mother was telling her children about how the D2 came to Earth and changed everything. She mentioned music, but her children had no idea what she was talking about. For the D2 hate music. As soon as they hear it, it drives them wild and destruction and carnage soon follow.

The son decided to explore the market looking for supplies that could be traded. In a secluded area, he found an upright piano sat behind a barrier. It had a message written on it – “Be sure to play me someday.” The boy was curious and stepped closer. He even lifted up the fallboard and marvelled at the keys. He was about to press one when another man appeared.

He sat down and began to play. The sound turned every head in the community. They started to gather around. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones to notice. A D2 emerged from the wastelands outside the city and charged towards the sound. Just as it got close enough to attack, the man called on Symphony No. 5 – Destiny.

A girl appeared and kicked the D2 away. The man followed the carnage, his right arm vanishing as he transferred power to the girl. He is a Conductor and she is a Musicart. They easily destroyed the D2, but it left Takt exhausted. Even once after his arm regenerated, he could barely move. They’re on their way to New York and it’s going to be quite the journey!

Takt Op Destiny Episode 1 D2 attacking Takt and Destiny

What did you think?

This series had slipped under my radar, but thankfully, Zeke from WLNM podcast brought it to my attention. I’m a big fan of post-apocalyptic stories and this has got quite an interesting twist to things, even if there is a similarity to The Quiet Place. The main thing to note with this series is that the animation is superb and when combined with classical music, it just seems to raise everything to the next level.

That alone wouldn’t be enough to make it work though. The characters are a quirky and bizarre mix, but it makes for a lot of great interactions. The scene in the dinner was brilliant and I love how completely off task Takt and Cossette are. One wants to play music, while the other wants to destroy the D2. This would be fine if Anna wasn’t trying to drive across the USA to take them to New York. I can only see things getting more and more interesting as the series goes on.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 1 Takt and Cossette

What have you learnt?

I’ll be completely honest here. Music is not my thing. I like listening to music, but that’s as far as we go. I cannot play, read, or do anything else music related. Regardless, I think I’m going to enjoy this series as it has some unique characters, an interesting premise, and some stellar production values. Basically, if music isn’t your thing, it’s not a deal-breaker. Give it a shot. I’m a big fan of branching out and trying stories that wouldn’t normally fit in my comfort zone.

I think it’s important to push yourself, especially if you want to get better. There is so much to learn from other genres and formats that you really can’t afford to pigeonhole yourself. And if you’re not sure, try easing yourself in with something like this where for me it was just one element that isn’t one of my preferred choices. I’m sure you’ll find you enjoy more things than you originally thought.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 1 Destiny Musicart

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  1. Hi there~ it’s been awhile. I’m surprised you’re dedicating yourself to watch this original anime weekly because you seem to claim you won’t watch currently airing series some time ago.

    Anyways, it’s a good premiere episode. Everything was made with top-notch quality, especially the sound editing/mixing department, regardless of the ethical controversies these anime studios were involved in recently this past year. The screenwriting of the main characters’ dialogue could need a little more flavour for it’s obvious I “can see” the overused tropes each one of three is being written as, though it didn’t bother me for the exposition dumps made in this episode is satisfactory to me somehow.

    And yet, this series has managed to convince me to dedicate a weekly schedule on it. It’s even more surprising this series is available on every single major streaming service in my region because I thought it was gonna be like too expensive to license it back here.

    For now, I just hoped it doesn’t go on the same path as Listeners, which coincidentally is a MAPPA production, for that series was ruined by romance-baiting, supporting characters as plot devices, and one of the main characters become the antagonist all of a sudden…

    • Hey. Well, I tried all seasonal and all non-seasonal, so now I’m going to try to mix it up. It helps that I have a lot of my non-seasonal posts already scheduled for most of the year.

      I felt like the exposition was done in such a way as to not be intrusive and it also didn’t give that much away either. The mystery helped keep this episode interesting.

      I liked the interplay between the main characters, either as nailed on to the tropes as they were.

      It reminded me a little of Fate/Last Encore with the colours and design. Hopefully, the story will pick up. At this point, it was a good introduction but we need something more solid than a road trip.

    • Thanks. It was an awesome introduction to the series. Looking forward to getting into the meat of the story, and all the fights.

  2. To be honest, this series was under my radar too until I checked out the trailer a couple days before the first episode was released. Loving Cosette’s character design and the fight scenes in this anime so far.

    • Yeah. It’s very stylish. Think we should get some incredible action sequences.

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