Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 2) – Music -Reincarnation-

Takt Op Destiny Title

Takt’s father was killed in the Boston Tragedy when the D2 attacked. For many years after, he lived as a recluse, playing on his grand piano in the safety of his garage. Then, a travelling show came to town and everything changed!

Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 2) – Music -Reincarnation-

What happened?

Takt stayed in his home, living almost exclusively in his garage where he played his piano. It was the only thing that occupied his mind which was obviously still struggling with the death of his father. His only contact with the outside world was the daughters of a family friend who would check in on him. Cossette cleaned around him and tried to push him, but he was not ready.

Then one day, he came out of the bathroom to find Cossette playing the piano. He had no idea she could play and was a little mystified by her song choice. Not long after, Cossette visited again and told him of a travelling Symphonica event that he could play his music at. He struggled with the idea of leaving the house and even more so that anyone would want to listen to him play.

It had been ten years since Grand Maestro Sagan had asked the public to refrain from playing music as they attempted to eradicate the D2. Apparently, things had settled down enough for a travelling show to be put on. Cossette and Anna took Takt’s grand piano and put it on a stage in an attempt to draw him out.

When he didn’t show, Cossette played, but she knew he would show up. He did and once there he played, wowing the audience. He even had Cossette join him and they played together. With the performance over, they took a bow. That was when an explosion destroyed the Grand Piano, wrecking Takt’s right arm and mortally injuring Cossette. The orange jewel she wore around her next glowed brightly and Cossette was reborn as a Musicart with Takt becoming her Conductor!

Takt Op Destiny Episode 2 Takt and Cossette

What did you think?

This is where we find out how much you were paying attention during the first episode. There was a mention in the story the mother was telling her children of beautiful jewels raining down from outer space. Then, there were black jewels that brought the D2. Well, Cossette was wearing one of those beautiful jewels around her neck and it started to glow as they finished their performance. That was when I knew to expect the attack.

Up until the performance, the episode was very slow and considered, focusing on the relationship between Takt and Cossette. Anna knew what was going on, even if Takt was clueless. However, they were attacked by the D2. Cossette died and Takt’s arm was destroyed. He demanded that Cossette come back to him, which was when the jewel glowed brighter than ever. The last couple of minutes of this episode were on fire and more than made up for the slower pace of the rest of the episode.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 2 Takt and Orange Meteorite

What have you learnt?

So far, I’ve been kind of surprised by the level of civilisation during this post-apocalyptic series. In the first episode, it felt almost right, but then there was the diner and odd things that I felt wouldn’t have kept going during an alien invasion. It also surprised me that everyone was so calm about music being played and weren’t instantly terrified that the D2 would attack, which they have done every time so far.

I also found the appearance of Grand Maestro Sagan and his timely exit a little too convenient. That’s right, I’m calling it now. Somehow, Sagan is involved in everything and he knew the D2 was going to attack. Otherwise the logic kind of falls apart. Survival is everything and there’s no way someone is going to stand near a concert knowing what is going to happen. No matter how much you love music. I’m expecting some big twists later in this series.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 2 Takt

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  1. I agree it’s weird how the city they lived in wasn’t worried about the music festival and how there was a lack of specialists to deal with D2s…?

    I’m looking forward to seeing what requirements is needed to become a Conductor. Do they simply need a musical background along with their partner??

    And I’m still left wondering how on earth Anna survived that blast unscathed, no scratches or blood. (It’s probably plot armour.)

    • Yeah. I found it bizarre that they’re facing an alien invasion and he’s playing piano in his garage and their lunch seemed fairly ordinary. It didn’t feel like there was any change in how they live other than not playing music (although not for Takt).

      There are still lots of questions to be answered.

      Anna was a little bit back and Takt didn’t die so maybe she got extra lucky, like those weird occasions where people are shielded from and explosion by random things or people. Or like you say, it’s plot armour.

  2. “Well, Cossette was wearing one of those beautiful jewels around her neck and it started to glow as they finished their performance. ”

    Damn. I should have made that connetion! I even loved the mom’s story! Thanks for pointing that out!

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