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The fight continues, but no one seems to be searching for the grade two curse. Well, no one but Inumaki and he’s just found it. However, it’s dead and the thing responsible has just made its presence known!

Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode 18) – Sage

What happened?

While searching for the grade two curse to ensure Tokyo wins the event, Inumaki found Mechamaru’s severed hand and his phone. He called Mawi and told her to sleep, so sleep she did. His cursed speech makes it almost impossible for anyone to disobey his commands. However, within seconds of hanging up, he felt another presence. It caused him to freeze.

Meanwhile, Fushiguru and Koma battled it out to determine Itadori’s fate. Kamo had already decided that Itadori needed to die, well before Gakuganji ordered them too. He believed it was the decision he needed to make now that he was the heir to the Zenin family. He inherited the blood curse that Maki should have got and even though his mother is a concubine, he has been selected to succeed.

Fushiguru told him that he had no problem walking away from the clan. He didn’t even care if it was the right decision or not. It was his decision and he was fine with that. Kamo used his blood curse to accelerate his body and increase his power – something akin to doping. To counter that, Fushiguru used his newest and strongest shikigami.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18 Noritoshi Kamo

The fight explodes out of the building and into a courtyard. Kamo and Fushiguru charge at one another but stop suddenly as an eruption interrupts the fight. A wave of roots surges through the air. Inumaki races along the rooftop beneath them and orders them to run!

Soon after a barrier is put up around the training area. Gojou, Gagkuganji, and Iori race to help the students but by the time they arrive the barrier is complete. Gojou tries to break in but the barrier is resistant to him and only him. He tells Gakuganji and Iori to go in and do what they can. He’ll have to find a way in on his own.

Once inside, Gakuganji and Iori come face to face with the curse user responsible for the barrier. He seems annoyed that Gojou isn’t there and that they are all he has to face. Gagukganji taunts him and gets out his guitar!

The cursed spirit that saved Jogo from Gojou earlier is the one behind the roots. She approaches Kamo, Fushiguru, and Inumaki and somehow explains what her plans are. Humans have become incompatible with the Earth and she means to erase them from existence.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18 Megumi Fushiguru

What did you think?

So, the fight between Kamo and Fushiguru was pretty exciting and delivered quite a bit of exposition mid-fight which wasn’t too badly done. For me though, the parts with Inumaki were the most interesting. I loved how he put Mawi to sleep with his voice and then the look on his face when he saw Hanami, the cursed spirit kill the grade one curse that Gakuganji had put there instead of the grade two.

There was one other moment that really piqued my curiosity. When Gojou was running towards the barrier, Iori told him to run on ahead and get in there before it closed. I think the barrier that was resistant to Gojou was designed to keep him inside and not outside. Does that mean that Iori is involved or was that just a coincidence?

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18 Kamo and Fushiguro's fight interrupted

What have you learnt?

With the revelation that Kamo is now the heir to the Zenin family and that Fushiguru was a member of the clan, it’s all starting to look a little incestuous. I guess that’s to be expected with a secret organisation run by a group of elders and two schools, but still, that’s four that we know of now.

Finally, let’s talk about Hanami. She’s the cursed spirit that can control vegetation and speaks in a weird language that gets translated inside peoples heads. I get the feeling that she is the representation of Mother Earth. We’ve learnt that most curses are a result of fear, hatred, and other strong emotions. So, what if Hanami was created by the forests and the animals as they fear man and what it is doing to the planet. I hope that’s the case because that would be an excellent development.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18 Hanami

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