Jujutsu Kaisen (Volume 2) – Fearsome Womb

Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 2 Cover

Yuji and Megumi were trapped by a Special Grade Curse and there appeared to be no way out. That was until Yuji allowed Sukuna to take over, but would he be able to regain control? Sukuna isn’t going to give up easily!

Jujutsu Kaisen (Volume 2) – Fearsome Womb

What happened?

Sukuna took control of Yuji’s body as Megumi fled. He considered going after Megumi and Nobara but was concerned that would make Yuji regain control of his body. So, he decided to enlist the help of the Special Grade Curse. However, it had no intentions of helping Sukuna and attacked him instead. Big mistake! Sukuna sliced up the Special Grade Curse with little to no effort whatsoever. In the process, he accidentally regrew Yuji’s fingers and arm. When the Special Grade Curse wouldn’t give up, Sukuna activated his Domain Expansion, killed the Curse and took back the finger that had started things.

Sukuna caught up with Megumi and asked him why he ran back there. There is clearly something about Megumi that Sukuna finds fascinating. To stop Yuji from regaining control of his body, Sukuna ripped out his own heart. He didn’t need it, but Yuji would die if he took control. Megumi was about to unleash all of his power when Yuji took control, or maybe, Sukuna allowed him to. Either way, Yuji died moments later.

As Megumi and Nobara considered Yuji’s death, they were approached by a group of second years who wanted them to be part of a joint school event. Normally, first-years don’t take part, but they were short. It would give them a chance to train with the more experienced Jujustsu sorcerers. Meanwhile, Sukuna made a deal with Yuji and repaired his heart. Gojo didn’t seem that surprised but wanted to keep his revival a secret until he could prepare him. Someone sent them to deal with that curse knowing that he would likely die!

Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 2 Gojo welcomes Yuji Itadori back

What did you think?

Just like the anime, things start to get good around this point. The Special Grade Curse arc was good, however, the Sukuna and Megumi scenes were the best part of that. I think that feeds into the deal that Sukuna made with Yuji. He promised not to kill anyone, but I get the feeling he just wants to be able to be there when Megumi loses control. It would fulfil a fairly classic Shounen trope of best friends becoming rivals, even for a little while.

Of course, as good as that was, nothing compares to the fighting between Gojo and Geto. I loved that part of the anime and it was just as good in the manga. Gojo is an absolute enigma. He talks about killing all the higher-ups and changing everything to fit his ideals. He might not act on it, but just voicing it out loud is a fairly crazy idea. Then, we got to see Gojo’s powers and he’s able to back up the talk. I wonder if they have anyone that might be able to stand up to Gojo should he stray too far down those dark ideas. This is a wonderfully dark series with a whole lot of morally grey characters.

Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 2 Gojos Domain Expansion

Volume highlights

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