Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode 6) – After Rain

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Itadori is trapped in Sukuna’s innate domain where he has a decision to make. Agree to Sukuna’s conditions or stay dead. Itadori proposes an alternate, if he can defeat Sukuna, he’ll do it without conditions. Sukuna agrees!

What happened?

When Itadori finds himself in Sukuna’s innate domain, he instantly launches an attack and briefly catches him off guard. It doesn’t take long for Sukuna to turn the tides and pin Itadori to the floor. Once there, he makes Itadori an offer. Sukuna will restore his heart, but in return, if Sukuna chants “Extension” Itadori will relinquish his body to Sukuna for one minute.

Itadori refuses aware that Sukuna is evil and there’s no telling what he’ll do in one minute. Sukuna extends his terms stating that he will not kill or hurt anyone in that minute. Itadori is still concerned, but Sukuna explains that a deal made with Jujutsu is binding and will hurt him if he breaks the terms.

With no other option than to stay dead, Itadori says he’ll agree. Sukuna allows him to stand and is instantly sucker-punched by Itadori who makes another offer. If he can defeat Sukuna, he’ll restore his heart without conditions. If Sukuna wins, he gets his way. Sukuna agrees and then instantly defeats Itadori.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 6 Sukuna making a deal with Itadori

Itadori wakes in the morgue with no clothes on. The mortician is upset that she won’t get to cut him up and also the increase in paperwork. Gojou welcomes Itadori back and then asks that she leave the files as they are, giving him a chance to train Itadori for the tournament in secret.

Fushiguro and Nobara are training with the second-years. It’s not going quite as they had hoped but then Fushiguro has a breakthrough and discovers a new technique. Nobara gets tired of the school uniform and goes shopping.

Meanwhile, a sinister Jujutsu sorcerer continues his meeting with the curses in a coffee shop. He gives them an artefact that they can use to imprison Gojou. One gets all fired up and causes everyone inside the coffee shop to burst into flames.

Gojou sets Itadori up for his training, which involves watching movies while trying to maintain his output of cursed energy. He has one of the principal’s puppets with him. It will sleep as long as the output is consistent. Lose control and it will punch him in the face. Get ready for a tense movie marathon!

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 6 Jogo attacks Gojou

What did you think?

The mix of dark and disturbing moments and goofy comic relief continue and I find myself still not entirely enamoured with them. More so the goofy comic relief moments. There was a scene where Gojou told Itadori that he wouldn’t be able to do certain things which made him deflate and flop around on the floor as a white blob. I really don’t like this style of animation, especially in contrast to how brilliant the rest of it is.

In this episode, we’ve begun the training montage so all characters involved will be much stronger by the next episode. Fushiguro has gotten his focus from something Sukuna said to him which makes me think there’s much more to Fushiguro than we’ve been told. Sukuna has seen something that excites him enough to make deals with Itadori. Of course, we knew Itadori would come back, but at least there was some reason to it… sort of.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 6 Cafe patrons spontaneously combusting

What have you learnt?

This week the obvious comparison to another shounen series is with Fire Force after the spontaneous combustion of the coffee shop patrons. That was a pretty dark scene and those scenes continue to be the better part of the series so far. I find the difference between the light and dark elements a little too jarring and can’t help but wonder how this series might have been had it been a little more serious.

It’s interesting that we’re seeing some internal conflict with the Jujutsu organisation and that Gojou is determined to change things. I’m surprised at how open he is about it, but that just shows how tough he is that he doesn’t fear any repercussions. I wonder if that will come back to haunt him at some point!

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 6 Gojou welcomes Itadori back

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