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Gojou is attacked by an unknown special class curse that calls himself Jogo. He’s able to communicate too which makes him even more special, but will he be strong enough to bother Gojou?

What happened?

Gojou steps out of the car on the way to meet with the principal when he senses some strong cursed energy. Within seconds of the car pulling away, Jogo appears and threatens to destroy Gojou. He even activates an attack that appears to have caught Gojou out. Of course, it barely even grazes him, much to Jogo’s surprise.

That’s not going to stop Jogo though, he launches another attack that involves a swarm of giant bugs. Gojou stops them from hitting him and then leaps away as they explode. This gives Jogo the chance to hit him with a close contact attack that leaves Gojou as a flaming mess.

Unfortunately for Jogo, this also fails to make much of an impact. He can’t believe it. He was sure that he hit him. However, Gojou seems to be in the mood to deliver a lesson, so he shows Jogo how he wasn’t able to touch him. His ability Infinity creates a barrier around him that may appear an inch or so in depth, but it is actually infinity.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7 Gojou kicks Jogo

Jogo tries to run, but he’s no match for Gojou who sends him crashing into a lake. It’s game over as far as he’s concerned. However, Jogo still has a couple of tricks up his sleeve, but can’t see Gojou. Where did he go?

Well, he just popped back to the school to pick up Itadori who seems to be doing well at controlling his output of cursed energy. Next thing Itadori knows, they are standing on a lake in the mountains facing Jogo.

Gojou manages to upset Jogo who activates his innate domain, which gives Gojou a chance to do some more teaching. He explains how an innate domain works to Itadori while showing him that an attack will always hit in your innate domain. You can either block it with cursed energy or unleash your own innate domain and the stronger of the two will win out.

Gojou’s innate domain is incredible. It overwhelms Jogo who is unable to do anything. He can only stand there as Gojou rips off his head, breaking the innate domains. Gojou tries to questions Jogo to find out who sent him, but another cursed spirit attacks and runs off with Jogo’s head. It looks like it’s time to up Itadori’s training.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7 Jogo activates his innate domain

What did you think?

I actually didn’t mind the goofy animation segments as much in this one, but that might have been because it was mostly used when Gojou was mocking Jogo. That was completely overshadowed by the fight which was excellent and the innate domains. The information we received was interesting as it shows that Itadori did well to even dodge Sukuna’s attacks in his innate domain and that he didn’t really stand a chance at the end of it.

I liked that we’ve not had that much of a training montage yet as we focused our time on the fight between Gojou and Jogo and it was nice that it included some lessons for us as well as Itadori. It was an interesting way to do it and any excuse to see more of Gojou kicking ass is fine by me.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7 Gojou activates his innate domain

What have you learnt?

This might seem like an odd thing to talk about but this episode mostly focused on two characters. One called Gojou and the other is called Jogo. One of the unspoken rules when writing a story is to try to vary your names. Anything that might confuse the reader is not a good idea. You want them to be absolutely certain that it was the character you meant that did that cool thing.

Now, that’s not too much of a problem in a visual medium like anime. However, as of writing up this post, the similarities between Gojou and Jogo became annoyingly apparent. It wouldn’t have been that hard to come up with another name for Jogo, especially as I wonder if he’ll even be in it much longer. If he is, then they absolutely should have given him a more unique name. Anyhow, carry on!

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7 Gojou destroyed Jogo while making Itadori watch

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