Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 19) – Route Selection

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After another discussion with the Human-God, Rudeus heads to Latakia, the capital of the Shirone Kingdom where Roxy was working. He’s been told he can find Aisha and Lilia there, but there are conditions.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 19) – Route Selection

What happened?

His meetings with the Human-God never start well. Mostly it’s because Rudeus finds himself in his old body and is reminded of the life he left behind. The Human-God certainly doesn’t help things, but this time he asks the Rudeus meets with him without the hostility next time. Rudeus agrees, providing the information he gives him is good.

He’s told that he will find Aisha and Lilia in Latakia, but there is a set of rules that will ensure he succeeds in rescuing them. There will be an opportunity to save Aisha, but he will have to do it without revealing who he is to her. He must also send a letter to someone he knows in the Palace. Well, that must be Roxy. Rudeus wakes from his dream and ponders this information.

In Latakia, Rudeus tells Ruijerd and Eris that he has information that his family is here and that he will need their help. They agree without even questioning his source. Of course, Rudeus finds Aisha and rescues her exactly as the Human-God said he would. Then, he uses a false name and discovers that Aisha believes her brother is a pervert because of his treasure!

The next morning, Rudeus is woken by a voice and finds a member of the royal guard at his door. She tells him he’s been summoned by Roxy. Of course, he rushes off as soon as he hears this. However, not everything is quite as it seems. Even, when he gets to the room, he sees the guards that he rescued Aisha from and they look worried. Once inside the room, Rudeus meets Pax, the seventh Prince of Shirone. He has Lilia bound and then drops Rudeus into a hole where he finds a King level magical barrier meant for Roxy.

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Episode 19 Rudeus saves Aisha

What did you think?

This was an excellent episode. I always enjoy Rudeus’ conversation with the Human-God because he’s more than a little crazy and loves to be overly dramatic. Of course, he comes up with some good information once more, but is it as good as it seems. My gut is that it is and this is the way that Rudeus will win – by sitting in a hole and waiting.

It’s not going to be long before Ruijerd and Eris decide to come looking for them and did you see the disappointment on Ruijerd’s face when Rudeus told him to wait on the castle assault. That was hilarious. I fully expect there to be absolute carnage in the next episode when they storm the castle and someone does something suitably nasty to Pax. That guy makes Rudeus look like a saint.

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Episode 19 Lilia tied up

What have you learnt?

I said after the last episode that we’d had two good reunions, all be it with a little work for the first one, so the next reunion was going to be terrible. I don’t think we’ve quite got there yet, but anyone being imprisoned with Pax is not a nice place to be. I shudder to think what Lilia has been through. One thing that I see working in Rudeus’ favour is that the guards all seem to be terrified of Pax. He’s clearly quite the tyrant. The girl that lead him there almost gave him a warning before he entered the room.

I was a little surprised that Rudeus let his guard down quite so much, especially when he walked into the room and could clearly see that it wasn’t Roxy. Anyhow, I see there being some combination of Ruijerd and Eris and the guards that help Rudeus out of this mess. I think Lilia will come away from this fine as my biggest concern is still Zenith. She was a powerful mage and the fact that no one has heard from her makes me think that something terrible has happened to her. I hope not, but I can’t shake that feeling!

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Episode 19 Rudeus imprisoned

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