Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 23) – Forte: Shoot-out! Fishing At the Jumbo Carnival of Dreams

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Mikako is a little disappointed that everyone seems to be having fun but her. Luckily, it’s festival time again and that means she can let loose once more. Wait until you see what game she’s come up with this time!

Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 23) – Forte: Shoot-out! Fishing At the Jumbo Carnival of Dreams

What happened?

Mikako is frustrated. There’s been mecha fights and feuds, love interests and whatnot, but she’s not got to have any fun. Well, that ends now. The next summer festival is upon them and this time Mikako is going to have some fun. At her booth, she quickly ushers all the girls in one way and the boys in another. Soon, they find out why. Mikako has tied all of the girls up and thrown them into a giant pool. It’s up to the guys to fish them out. The winner is the one to make the breast catch!

That’s right, the bigger the bust the better. Needless to say, this is a game that Tomoki can get behind, although for some reason he decides to compete as Tomoko as if that will help him… I mean her! With Sugata as her partner, Tomoko appears to be going head to head with Mikako and the dangerous-looking booth guy from previous festival events. Everything is going swimmingly until Mikako starts to release her inner demons.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 23 Mikako undressing

With the game going strong and Mikako and Tomoko looking like the favourites, Tomoko resurfaces with Nymph. She yells at him, telling him to keep his perverted hands off of her. Tomoko looks at Nymph and then walks to the end of the deck and tosses her back. The commentator notes that it’s excellent fishing etiquette to through back the guppies… Hahaha! Poor Nymph.

Eventually, it all came down to one catch and she was legendary. Sugata and Tomoko put everything on the line to land the big one. He even promised Ikaros that he would propose to her if he came back alive. He got closer to the legendary Sohara, but as he did she broke free and gave him a whooping that only she can.

After Mikako was declared the winner and had satiated her thirst for violence, things returned to normal. Ikaros was still wondering about love, but then Tomoki threw a spanner in the works by given Ikaros and Nymph an allowance. Nymph knew what she would spend hers on, but Ikaros was quite unsure.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 23 Mikako catches a big one Astraea

What did you think?

This was another epic episode with just about the most ridiculous game yet. It was already funny but when they started comparing Sohara to Moby Dick and played out that scenario it was unreal. Such a funny episode. However, the actual festival game didn’t fill the whole episode and I think that was a mistake. The second half of the show focused on Ikaros trying to find out what being engaged means and how to spend her allowance.

Watching Ikaros try to work out what to buy so that she would please Tomoki was cute and funny, but not an epic fishing contest with boobs. Sorry, Ikaros, it just isn’t. I also think Astraea was criminally underused in this episode. We barely saw her… well, that’s probably not the best way to put it. We definitely saw her, but we needed more. I was worried that Sohara was going to be ignored too until the whole Moby Dick parody saved her.

It was great to see Mikako cutting loose once more. She always delivers the funniest episodes with her evil scheming. I would quite happily watch a new festival episode every year. Do you think they’d do that? All I want is one new episode every year featuring Mikako’s latest insane game. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 23 Tomoki and the boys nose bleeds

What have you learnt?

After the last couple of episodes, which were fairly serious, it was nice to return to a bit of absurdist comedy. Once again it was a festival episode to the rescue, although I can’t help but wonder how they have so many festivals, especially when they’re usually an annual thing. Anyhow, it was great and I think having something like this in a story is a fun way to introduce a short subplot that gives the characters the chance to be themselves and really cut loose.

It also shows that any idea can work if you put some time into it. This was a funny idea, wildly inappropriate, but completely in character for Mikako and Tomoki. I love how the Angeloids all think this is perfectly normal, but then they have no point of reference for normality. Using something recognisable like Moby Dick was an inspired idea as it kind of grounds everything in the familiarity. It doesn’t take much to draw the audience in when they recognise something.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 23 Fishing for tatas

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