Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 21) – Forte: Eating Watermelon Tomoki

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Astraea sneaks into Tomoki’s house to eat all his food, but there’s none left which forces Nymph and Astraea to make a very bad decision. Sugata is playing the Dive Game once more, but a new Angeloid is creating chaos!

Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 21) – Forte: Eating Watermelon Tomoki

What happened?

Astraea still hasn’t killed Tomoki or worked out how to survive on her own, so to get back at Tomoki for not dying, she sneaks into his house to eat all his food. Unfortunately, there isn’t any. With Nymph also starving, they decide to eat some of Ikaros’ watermelons, but once they’ve started they couldn’t stop. In a moment of panic, Nymph hacked the plants and tried to get them to regrow the watermelons, but instead created a giant watermelon monster that ate Tomoki and then tried to eat Astraea.

Sugata seeks Nymph’s help to play the dive game again, jumping into the Synapse through Tomoki’s dreams. With Nymph’s help, he manages to jump back before Gamma and Harpy can catch him. However, Tomoki appears and drags Nymph away, while Sugata is still at the Synapse. He takes her to a secluded spot where he declares that he wants to be her master and that his first order is for her to kill herself…

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 21 Water Melon Tomoki Monster trying to eat Astraea panties

Before that, Ikaros saw Tomoki walking with Nymph and felt something in her reactor. She instantly took to the skies, but we don’t know why exactly. Sugata found himself at the mercy of Gamma and Harpy when Nymph failed to pull him out of the Dive Game on time. Luckily, Daedalus opened a portal and pulled him through at the last second.

Mikako seemed to have somewhat of an idea that something wasn’t right and was attempting to alert Astraea to the fact who was trying to work out why Ikaros and Nymph turned their backs on the Synapse.

After Tomoki told Nymph to kill herself, she realised that it couldn’t be Tomoki. Chaos was a little disappointed that she had been found out, but that didn’t change her goal. She was already going rogue from the Synapse as she was more interested in what love was than killing Tomoki. That could wait.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 21 Chaos attacks Nymph

What did you think?

I really enjoyed this episode. The humour was good without being great, but the story development was where it really shone. Chaos, the new Angeloid is devious and sinister, and is already shaking things up by subjecting Nymph to all sorts of psychological attacks. It really does get dark.

Also, It would appear that Sugata is determined to advance the plot all on his own, especially as no one else seems to care about why there are Angeloids running around. I loved his cat and mouse game with Gamma and Harpy, which instantly became a little bit funnier after Chaos disguised as Tomoki took Nymph away from the controls, leaving him stranded. Luckily, the angel from Tomoki’s dreams snatched him away at the last second. Otherwise, it could have gotten messy!

I also enjoyed the way that Astraea and Nymph partnered up to eat all of Ikaros’ watermelons and the ensuing mess from when they tried to fix things. It wasn’t as funny as lots of other segments, but the two of them together made for a fun dynamic.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 21 Sugata caught by Gamma and Harpy

What have you learnt?

Now, we get to see what Tomoki is really made of. After Chaos took over his dream from Daedalus, she painted a pretty dark picture of what she was going to do to Ikaros and subsequently him. Then, he kind of bumbled through the episode as per normal until he met Chaos at the swings and soon realised exactly who she was.

It’s funny how brilliant creepy children can be when given the right lines of dialogue or actions. Without those, Chaos would look like any other adorable anime child, but she was anything but adorable with her actions. Once the wings came out, she instantly became far more sinister-looking, especially with that enormous smile and wide eyes.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 21 Chaos meets Tomoki

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