Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 25) – Forte: The Edge of an Indiscriminate Requiem

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Ikaros isn’t feeling well and it’s terrible timing as Chaos is back and she’s stronger than ever. On top of that, she’s developed a curious understanding of love that will not go down well with the others.

HHeaven’s Lost Property (Episode 25) – Forte: The Edge of an Indiscriminate Requiem

What happened?

A large storm is moving in a strange pattern and it’s headed directly for Sorami. With Ikaros unwell and stuck at home, Sugata sends Astraea into the storm to see what’s going on. There she finds Chaos, grown and strengthened from her time at the bottom of the sea. She’s determined to show everyone how much she loves them, and by love she means kill.

Tomoki dives into his own dream, which is really the Synapse where he receives some advice from Daedalus. Frustrated that the Angeloids are forced to fight once more, Tomoki takes a device and heads back to Earth. There Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea make one last stand against Chaos, hoping that together they might be able to stop her.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 25 Chaos captures Astraea and Nymph

Unfortunately, Chaos is stronger than they expected and easily defends their attacks. Before long, she has Astraea, Nymph, and Ikaros within her clutches and is ready to show them what love is… or at least what she understands it to be from her time alone at the bottom of the sea.

Tomoki arrives just in time and orders Ikaros not to die. He says the same to Astraea and Nymph declaring that he will become their master too if that’s what it takes. Amazingly, it does the trick, allowing Nymph’s wings to regrow, returning all of her powers.

She hacks Astraea and Ikaros’ powers, making them stronger and this time their combined attack works. At the end of the battle, they stand over Chaos who is begging them to show her some love by smashing her into pieces. Tomoki arrives and apologises for not playing with her that day. He then puts the device on her chain and the battle is over.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 25 Chaos wants more love

What did you think?

This was a good episode in that it moved things along. Sure, the episodes with festivals and bathhouses are great, but it is nice to remember that there is a story going on here too. Chaos’ actions were very believable which made her that much more sinister. I mentioned it before, but her talking about love with that twinkle of murder in her eye is brilliantly creepy.

One of my favourite moments was when Tomoki told Astraea and Nymph that he would become their masters if they survived. Somehow that gave Nymph the strength to repair her wings and gain full access to her electronic weapons. She hacked the area, making Astraea’s weapons stronger and giving Ikaros back her strength. Together they kicked Chaos’ butt, but then Tomoki knelt down beside her and stroked her hair. This guy is a constant surprise.

Chaos was a fairly simple character, but she was incredibly effective. Her ability to make things creepy was next level. Seeing the way she developed made her beliefs quite obvious and therefore it wasn’t that much of a leap for the audience to buy into her train of thought. It certainly made it easier to accept them not destroying her, but I’d imagine that would have been different had she actually killed anyone.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 25 Astraea

What have you learnt?

I think this was a fairly satisfying conclusion to the business with Chaos. It was good that they brought her back, stronger and crazier than before. Of course, this is just a tiny part of the overall story which really hasn’t had a lot of focus. I feel like sometimes the show gets a little carried away with itself and forgets to move anything forward. It’s certainly possible to have wet shirts and goofy games while still moving the plot along.

As with anything, it’s a bit of a balancing act. Sometimes this series nails it and others get lost in the boobs. I think if I was going to try anything like this I would want to work out the story first and then add in all the fun and games. There’s no reason a strong story can’t play with these sorts of ideas and Heaven’s Lost Property certainly gets it right a lot of the time, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 25 Tomoki watching girls in wet shirts

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