Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 16) – Forte: Bombshell! The Angel is a Big Boob

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Living with two sexy Angeloids is starting to take its toll on poor Tomoki. He just can’t seem to keep his urges in check, so he’s going to the temple to train. Sounds easy, well, not when the third sexy Angeloid finds him!

Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 16) – Forte: Bombshell! The Angel is a Big Boob

What happened?

Tomoki finds himself watching Nymph as she leaves a room and she’s looking quite cute. Then he notices Ikaros’ panties. What is going on? Is he starting to become aware of just how sexy these two Angeloids are? He can’t let that happen. They’re not even human after all. So, Tomoki heads up to the mountains to spend some time training his urges at a Zen temple.

Sugata raced to Tomoki’s house to warn him of the Angeloid coming to get him, but he was too late. Ikaros and Nymph performed a scan and confirmed that the Angeloid has already made contact with Tomoki, but there’s nothing to worry about because it’s Delta. She may be the greatest close combat Angeloid ever created, but she’s also a bit of a ditz!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 16 Astraea gets wet

Having failed to hurt Tomoki when she first made contact because she fell over her own feet, Astraea, the type Delta Angeloid decides to join Tomoki in his training so that she can catch him when his guard is down. They stand beneath an icy waterfall to clear their minds, but Astraea just gets cold. They clean the floors of the temple, but Astraea falls over and shows Tomoki her panties.

Tomoki realises that the only way to get his urges under control is to destroy all of his porno mags, so he takes them high into the woods to bury them. Unfortunately, that’s when Nymph shows up and realises he’s been looking at her the same way he looks at the girls in the magazines. She beats him and leaves. Ikaros finds him later and Tomoki tries to downplay things, telling Ikaros that the porno mags were dangerous. She instantly blows them all up.

Astraea sees Tomoki with his burnt and battered old magazines and decides to turn herself into a magazine to try to catch him off guard… However, it’s Sohara that catches him looking at yet another porno mag and beats him. Tomoki has reached his limit and doesn’t know what to do, but a vision of his grandfather gave him permission to embrace his urges.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 16 Tomoki dancing with porno mags

What did you think?

This was the first episode that Tomoki’s… err… let’s just say his urges have their own voice and it was pretty funny. Crude, but funny. I feel like the second season has raised the ecchi levels and appears to have no plans on going back. Astraea is going to be a great addition to the cast and not just because she’s nice to look at.

There have been several brief moments where Tomoki has appeared to make contact with his deceased grandfather. He’s probably the source of Tomoki’s perverted outlook on life so it makes sense that he is watching over him still. Well, this time his grandfather gave him some sage advice that allowed Tomoki to achieve enlightenment. Here’s a direct quote.

“It’s all good. Whether they’re human, or mythical beings, long as they got boobs. Doesn’t matter. They’re all still chicks, right? It’s all good.”

Tomoki’s Grandfather

Anyhow, back to Astraea. She had an entertaining first episode and certainly caused quite the stir with Tomoki, but ultimately it was the details she revealed to Sugata while rebooting that were of particular interest. Thanks to her, we finally have some answers about what’s been going on. On top of that, well, just look at her!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 16 Tomoki achieves enlightenment

What have you learnt?

So, now we know that Tomoki’s dreams aren’t actually dreams but a link to the Synapse. That’s how the angel was able to talk to him and why it felt so real. It also explains the time in the last episode where they finally got into Tomoki’s dream only to find a strange pillar. Of course, we had Sugata spell it out for us too with the revelation that the acorn he brought back from Tomoki’s dream was the same as the tree that was growing from where Ikaros came down to Earth.

Of course, this fits in with the images of Ikaros destroying the Tower of Babel and the actual story of the Tower of Babel – God destroying it for getting too close to the heavens. A direct link from Tomoki’s dreams would be just as dangerous to them as a tower. Does that mean the inhabitants of the Synapse are gods or just a race that enjoys messing with the humans?

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 16 Astraea finds Tomoki

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