Author Journey (October 4, 2021)

The Otaku Author Journey October 4 2021

Never underestimate the importance of a satisfying ending. Even if it’s not the actual end. It’s what sits at the front of people’s memories and can turn an average story into something incredible! It works the other way too!

October 4, 2021


A couple of weeks back, I mentioned that I was going to start watching season two of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. It aired in two parts, one in Winter 2021 and the other in Summer 2021, which has just finished. I had put it off because of the lasting impression I received when I watched season one back in Fall 2018. I even reviewed it on my old site as it aired. The reason I opened this post talking about endings was that the first season ended on a low.

So, I started watching season two with a little trepidation, but it was unfounded. I loved it. I really loved it. That caught me a little off guard so I dug out my old posts from season one and read them. Turned out I really enjoyed the first season too, but it definitely went downhill with the final arc. At that point, that was the ending and that was the lasting impression.

Me being me, I decided that I should revisit the first season to see if I still felt that way, especially now that the current ending as far as I’m concerned is the end of the first cour of season two, which I loved. Could that change everything? I don’t know yet. I’m only eight episodes into season one and I am loving it, but this was well documented from the original viewing. Of course, I am going to turn this rewatching into another series of posts where I’m going to try something a little different and talk about an element or topic that speaks to me.

I’m planning six posts per season plus the full season reviews and I’m quite happy with how they’re coming along. Not sure when I will release them into the wild so keep an eye out for them, especially if you too love a bit of slime! All I’ve watched this weak has been slime.

The other news with blogging is that I now have a Jetpack plan for backing up my site to a different platform. You can never be too careful. It also means that my posts now appear in the search results in WordPress Reader. Being denied that because I self-host my site was annoying and since then, I’ve already got some new likes. The Otherside Picnic seems to be popular with fans of the outdoors. Who would have thought it? So, welcome all. Hope you find what you’re looking for…

Also, my Mushoku Tensei posts for season one have now come to an end. It’s sad on one hand, but it also means that season two started yesterday. It’s one of three series that I’ve decided to watch live and I’m pretty excited for all three. It’s been a while since I covered a live show and I think I’m in a position to make it work now.

There’s one last thing that is about to cause havoc with my plans. Crunchyroll has just added all twenty-six episodes of Dirty Pair. I’ve been waiting to watch this series since the late 1980s. The manga was one of my first introductions to anime and manga and it’s been almost impossible to get hold of a copy of the anime. I did find one on RightStuf, but the shipping to Canada made it absurdly expensive. I will review this series. I just need to work out where I will fit it in.


One of the things that makes me feel comfortable reviewing more again is that I actually got back into my story. This week I edited ten chapters. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start and once again, I really enjoyed what I had written. There was obviously some typos, a few unnecessary words, and the usual stuff, but the story was fun and flowed nicely.

This week, I plan on continuing the edit and hopefully get to the end of the current first draft. That means I’ll be in a position to actually write the final arc. I’ve been thinking this one through for a long time now and I’m pretty confident about how it’s going to go. All I have to do is get it out of my head and onto the screen. Easy enough, right?

It ended up being a pretty productive week which is not how I saw it going at the beginning of the week. It just goes to show that you should never give up. You can always recover. Each morning is the beginning of a new day and a chance to push ahead. I’ve got a lot to do, but I’m feeling positive again. Anyhow, thanks for reading. Stay safe and please back up your work. Do it right now! I’ll wait…

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