Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 20) – Forte: Reach a Decision! The Up and Down of Heaven and Hell

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Tomoki and Sohara arrive at school to find Astraea in with the bunnies eating carrots from a bowl… Reluctantly, Tomoki agrees to let Astraea attend school, but before long he’s competing to prove he’s not a dummy!

Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 20) – Forte: Reach a Decision! The Up and Down of Heaven and Hell

What happened?

Since coming down from the Synapse, Astraea has struggled. She’s failed to kill Tomoki and finding food has proven to be just as tough a challenge. One morning, Tomoki and Sohara arrive at school and find Astraea living with the rabbits and eating their food. It’s quite the sight! Anyhow, never one to miss an opportunity, Mikako suggests that Astraea should join the school and learn some basic skills that might help her kill Tomoki… I mean survive…

At first, Tomoki is dead against the idea, but then miraculously changes his mind. Everyone is quite surprised, but then Tomoki vanishes. Amazingly, Tomoko shows up in the girls’ locker room as the nurse and tells Astraea that she needs to complete a physical that gets a little too physical. Luckily, Sohara arrives and quickly puts a stop to that.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 20 Mikako in Octopi

At the end of school, Tomoki is about to head home when the gym teacher grabs him and drags him into detention for his test results. Sohara is there too, thanks to her scores in the Spanish test. Surprisingly Mikako is also there as she’s struggling with ethics… Maybe not that surprising. Nymph is just there because she thought it would be fun. Then, Astraea shows up as she’s failing everything on the first day.

After Tomoki is teased by some girls for being the biggest dummy in the school, Mikako suggests they make a game to prove that he’s not. Tomoki is in! So, everyone that was in detention is a contestant in a game show where they can buzz in and answer questions. However, if they get it wrong they are dropped into something unpleasant.

After several rounds, only Nymph had gotten any questions right and is one away from winning. Then, a bizarre series of questions results in Tomoki joining her. The next questions will decide the winner and it’s one that Tomoki has already gotten wrong. “You’re in front of the girls’ locker room. Do you take a peep?”

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 20 Tomoki's chance to Win

What did you think?

I think this is my least favourite episode so far. The quiz seemed a little bit too ridiculous and it also appeared that none of them has ever played a game show before. You buzz in when you think you know the answer, not because it’s the subject you’re struggling with. I just couldn’t get on board with it or the way everyone was behaving. Admittedly, Mikako’s answers to the ethics questions were pretty funny though.

So, we got to the final question and Tomoki knew the correct answer, but he just couldn’t do it. It went against everything he believed in and as a result, he answered it incorrectly again and lost. The girls in the audience were literally crying at the thought of Tomoki winning which tells you all you really need to know about how he’s perceived. I know I’ve championed Tomoki in the past as he’s often quite insightful, but this was his stupidest moment.

We did then get to see some action in the Synapse as the ruler attacked Daedalus who was the one responsible for sending Ikaros to Earth and contacting Tomoki in his dreams. It was more for show though as he had perfected the next version of Angeloid and just wanted to let her know so that she could watch the nightmare unfold beneath her.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 20 Girls Realising Tomoki might Win

What have you learnt?

After Tomoki stuck with his convictions and lost, he then had a series of rematches with Astraea, but they didn’t seem to be able to decide a true winner. It did bring them closer together and he even offered her a place to come whenever she got hungry, so always then. I guess this is the side of Tomoki that I like. He is a massive pervert and deviant, but his emotional intelligence is surprisingly high. He can tell when others are struggling and will do what he considers to be the right and honourable thing.

The thing is this side of him is a complete contrast to the “dude” side of him. It makes him a fascinating character as you’re never sure which side you will get. I still didn’t really care for this episode or at least the game show part of it, but mostly because everyone seemed to be acting like a bunch of dummies, to quote Astraea.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 20 Tomoki can't betray his inner dude

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