Heaven’s Lost Property (Movie) – Eternal My Master

Heaven's Lost Property Eternal Title

The Earth is being destroyed, but at least they defeated Zeus. With no way to stop the destruction though, Ikaros flies Tomoki to the Synapse to save him, but it will cost her a price that he’s not willing to pay.

Heaven’s Lost Property (Movie) – Eternal My Master

What happened?

It looked like the end. It probably was. Ikaros carried Tomoki through the air, flying towards the Synapse. It was just them left now. Tomoki ordered her to fly him to the Synapse. Maybe he could do something to change everything once he was there. However, Ikaros revealed after she had attacked the Earth, her system failed and someone else ordered her to attack the Synapse. Once they stopped her, they placed a safety inside her so that if she ever came too close to the Synapse without permission, she would burn up!

Tomoki begged her to turn back. Put him back on the ground, but the ground was rapidly vanishing. Soon it would be no more. There was nowhere to go back to. She pushed on considering the events in her life that had led to this moment. One particular memory stood out.

Heaven's Lost Property Eternal My Master Hiyori and Ikaros

It had been a fairly normal day at Tomoki’s house. He was woken by Ikaros staring into his eyes. Then he found Nymph and Astraea fighting over food as Chaos watched on with glee. Without warning, they grabbing Tomoki and went on a “date”, much to Ikaros’ annoyance. Even though Tomoki had a terrible time, he realised that Astraea and Nymph were able to smile and assumed that it was the fact that they were free.

So, once he got home, he released Ikaros from his service. Setting her free. She’s stunned. Everyone is. What was that dummy thinking? When he refuses to undo what he did, Mikako claims Ikaros and takes her home. Worried about how Mikako would use Ikaros, Tomoki panics, but it’s Ikaros that bursts into his house and carried him away on a “date”.

Tomoki sticks to his guns though and refuses to become her master once more. That prompts Mikako to take matters into her own hands and orders Ikaros to throw Tomoki away. She flies high into the sky and then tosses him towards the ground, catching him before he falls too far. She does it again and again, each time begging him to reconsider. He does.

With that memory playing around in Ikaros’ head. She looked down towards the Synapse and tells Tomoki she loves him. They kiss for the first and last time as she flies into the Synapse, saving Tomoki but sacrificing herself.

Heaven's Lost Property Eternal My Master Tomoki and Ikaros

What did you think?

I’m almost lost for words here. This movie was horrible. It successfully answered zero questions and raised many many more. Hiyori from the last movie was just randomly back. Apparently, she had been pulled into another dimension when she exploded. She saw many dimensions and each one was destroyed by the Synapse. The only difference with this one was that Tomoki existed.

It all sounds like it should have been great, but it was such a jumbled mess that the story made no sense. We didn’t see any of the action. Presumably, there was a big fight with the Synapse in which there were several casualties. It alluded to the fact that Nymph didn’t make it at the beginning, but we don’t know. We know that Sugata was injured and that Tomoki had a chance to save Sohara in the Synapse. However, we don’t know anything more than that.

I’m beyond annoyed. This was originally going to be season three, but they decided to make a movie and no doubt tried to cram everything in. I can’t say anything good about this other than, I probably need to check out the manga now so that I can experience the entire ending and not this jumbled incoherent mess.

Heaven's Lost Property Eternal My Master Astraea

What have you learnt?

I love this series and have been desperate for an ending that would give me closure for a long time now and this was not it. It wasn’t even close. Part of me wants to just forget about the manga and let it be. If I didn’t like these characters so much I would absolutely walk away. It wasn’t even a complete story just two scenes mashed together with a couple of random mini-scenes that made no sense in the middle.

The only thing I’ve learnt from this movie is that if I’m ever lucky enough to have someone try to make a movie or TV show based on something I’ve written, I’m going to make sure that this doesn’t happen. I would have pulled the plug if I was the author of this series after seeing this. What a disappointment!

Heaven's Lost Property Eternal My Master Ikaros kisses Tomoki

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  1. “I’m almost lost for words here. ”

    That’s pretty much my reaction.

    The series was so enjoyable. To end it this way felt bitterly disappointing. It’s not even that I feel like I wasted my investment of time. I still enjoy the series, though this movie does blunt that enjoyment just a bit. But the character deserved better. Especially Ikaros!

    • Yeah. It doesn’t feel like a conclusion or anything really. I’m not even sure what it was trying to do. We needed to see what happened to all the characters. They basically got shafted almost as much as we did.

  2. Why does the movie – eternally my master start with the destruction of Zeus. Where does that continue from?

    • Which episode does the destruction of Zeus start or nymph is gone to synapse

    • Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. For some reason, they decided to jump right to end of the story and as such it doesn’t show or tell us anything. We’re missing so much context at the beginning of the movie and by the end we know even less…

      It’s such a frustrating finish. This series deserved so much more.

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