Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 26) – Forte: Forte Wings Soaring for Tomorrow

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Ikaros misinterpreted Tomoki’s kind words as a proposal and is sure they will get married… but Tomoki just wants peace and quiet, oh, and to perv on the girls swim class! Although it looks like Mikako has had enough!

Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 26) – Forte: Forte Wings Soaring for Tomorrow

What happened?

Tomoki is up to his old tricks again. He has the transmogrifier once more and turns himself into the lovely Tomoko, but that’s not all. In an effort to enjoy the final girls’ swim class of the year, Tomoko transformed herself into the pool water! It didn’t take long for Sohara and Nymph to work out what was going on and retaliate. Tomoko’s plans swiftly go down the drain, but that’s not enough for Mikako who is out for some serious vengeance.

All the girls in the school are recruited to help find Tomoki, however, it’s Sohara, Mikako, Ikaros, and Nymph who actually find him. Or should I say her? Tomoko is trapped in the girls’ bathroom and has nowhere to run. Luckily, Mikako has a hacksaw to hand, and an electrified barb wire fence. Not to mention the armed guards she posted at the door. Tomoko’s only escape route is to flush herself!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 26 Tomoki as the pool water boob grab

After passing through the sewage treatment works, Tomoki returns home where he is once more harassed by Ikaros who wants to know about why he proposed to her and what it means. She accidentally flushes him and goes off to find him. However, she finds Mikako who has yet another dastardly idea.

Once he’s found, Tomoki is whisked away to the church and put in a white suit. He finds Mikako and Sugata presiding over a wedding and Ikaros is the bride. Hang on! Does that mean that Tomoki is the groom? It’s all too much. But then Mikako reveals that Sohara, Astraea, and Nymph are all here too and they’re wearing wedding dresses as well.

Tomoki has to choose, but he can’t take it. Then something falls through the church roof. When the dust settles they discover it’s Chaos, returned to her child form and sent to live with Tomoki and the others. So much for peace and quiet!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 26 Sohara Astraea and Nymph brides

What did you think?

It was a fun episode and a nice way to finish things off, but it wasn’t a great episode. I really wanted the series to go off with a bang. It would have been good had there been some sort of resolution to the stuff with the Synapse, but that also was not to be. Hopefully, it will all wrap up in the movies. It was something that bothered me when I watched it last time. There wasn’t any real closure.

There were a few things that didn’t really work for me. I felt like the whole wedding scene was a bit too dreamlike. Tomoki just seemed to be going along with it right up until he had to kiss Ikaros. It was at that point that he seemed to snap out of it and question what was going on. Of course, Mikako then rolls out Sohara, Nymph, and Astraea all in wedding dresses before revealing that she too had a wedding dress on, but she was set on Sugata. Even for this series, it was a particularly odd moment.

As for Tomoki, he seems to be getting darker and darker as the series went on. At first, it was all for good laughs, but now he’s turned into a full-on groping monster. I know you need to push things further to get more and more laughs, but this was probably the point where it stops being funny and moves into Plunderer territory.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 26 Tomoko trapped in the bathroom

What have you learnt?

I think they were quite certain that they weren’t going to wrap things up and as such, they didn’t even try. I’d say they went so far as to completely ignore the Synapse and that side of the story. I’ve got the two movies to watch next and I’m hoping that I will finally get the closure that I need from this series. Admittedly, I have seen the first movie already and know that it definitely pushes the story further even if it is a glorified recap episode for the first half.

It’s the same issue I brought up in the last episode in that they really didn’t get the balance right between progressing the plot and letting Tomoki go wild, especially as it became apparent that those two things cannot happen at the same time. I just feel like these last few episodes have been a slow and steady decline from the ones that came before it. Where was the big finish?

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 26 Tomoki Sohara Ikaros Astraea Nymph Mikako Sugata

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