Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 10) – Where the Melodious Words Of an Angel Go

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It’s time for the joint school cultural festival, an event that Tomoki usually gives a miss. This year, however, he’s been challenged by the students from the private school and there’s no way out. The battle of the bands is on!

What happened?

Every year, Tomoki’s school co-hosts a cultural festival with the nearby private academy. As Tomoki isn’t in any clubs he generally doesn’t take part other than to visit the swimsuit maid cafe! This time, a couple of students from the academy mocked Tomoki and his school. It wasn’t helped that Tomoki misinterpreted what they were planning and laughed in their faces.

After they had gone, Mikako stepped up and announced that they couldn’t let that stand and were going to fight music with music. She got her father and his clan behind them and quickly started a PR campaign that divided the town in two. Things were starting to get nasty. Looks like they better really learn how to play those instruments.

Luckily for the group, Nymph appears to be quite good on the keyboard and after a while getting frustrated by the tambourine, it turns out that Ikaros can sing! It got to the day of the festival and the town was buzzing with anticipation and the hopes that their side would come out victorious.

The private academy performed first, delivering a stirring rendition of the classics. They were feeling confident and that only improved when Tomoki took to the stage. Catching his group unaware, Tomoki performed his personal song first – My Tingly Nips. It took the stage and the crowd by surprise, most notably, Mikako and Sohara who were ready to kill him.

After Sohara beat him into the stage, the real song could be performed and it killed it. The crowd went wild and they won the competition. Afterwards, they discussed the bonfire part of the festival and whether Tomoki would go. He said no as it was a couple thing and he was single. Nymph, Sohara, and Ikaros all offered to go with him at the same time. Then, Nymph and Sohara suggested he take Ikaros for all the hard work she put into the performance.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 10 Ikaros singing

What did you think?

It was a slower episode but gave us some more glimpses of the Synapse and its inhabitants. Seeing them torture Nymph and force her to mutilate the bird that had become her friend was sad. It’s not hard to see why Tomoki is coming out on top! Also, this episode gave us Tomoki’s Tingly Nips so it was very much split into two halves. Hate and humour!

Poor Nymph remembering how the rulers in the Synapse treated her. However, it was interesting in one sense as it showed the difference between ruling with an iron fist and ruling with kindness. I don’t think anyone has ever called Tomoki a ruler, but he is kind and fair, despite his uncontrollable perversions.

Talking about perversions… When Tomoki took over the stage with his own personal song called My Tingly Nips, it was every bit as ridiculous as you might imagine. He even wore a shirt with star holes, revealing his nipples. Luckily for everyone, Sohara stepped in and beat some sense into him so that they could perform their real song.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 10 Tomoki's Tingly Nips

What have you learnt?

I think this episode really highlighted the difference between ways of getting people to do what you want. The rulers of the Synapse are cruel and unforgiving, seeking only to amuse themselves they think little of others. Then, we have Tomoki who rewards his friends and looks out for them. Yes, he is an uncontrollable pervert, but he’s also a teenage boy (sorry teenage boys, but you know it’s true).

That flaw in his character isn’t even close to being enough to undo the way he treats people. One of the things I often hear said is that people won’t remember what you did, just how you treated them. It goes to show that the rulers of the Synapse didn’t realise what they were getting into when they sent Nymph to recover Ikaros. Given half that chance anyone would defect to the other side if they treated you this way. Always choose kindness.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 10 Sohara punishes Tomoki for staring at her boobs

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