Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 1) – A Full-frontal Hero Arises in the World!

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Tomoki’s ideal life is quiet and simple, but a strange reoccurring dream has the potential to upset that. While investigating that dream, an angel falls from the sky and forever changes Tomoki’s mundane existence.

What happened?

Tomoki lives in a quiet city where nothing much happens and he loves it. He likes the peace and quiet that comes with an easy life. The only blemish on his perfect existence is a reoccurring dream where he experiences what he believes to be love. Each time he has the dream he wakes with tears streaming down his face, leading his best friend Sohara to suggest that he go speak to the high school scientist, Sugata.

Sugata explains that he alone understands what is going on and if Tomoki is to get answers he should meet him under the old cherry blossom tree at midnight. For one reason or another, neither Sugata nor Sohara are able to meet Tomoki there. At the last minute, Tomoki gets a call from Sugata warning him to run away. Before he can, however, an angel falls from the sky, followed by stone pillars and debris. Tomoki reluctantly saves her and becomes her master…

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 1 Ikaros saves Tomoki

The next morning, Tomoki wakes to find Ikaros kneeling beside his bed. It would appear that it wasn’t a dream. She then explains that she is a pet-class Angeloid and that she can grant whatever wish he has. Of course, this is crazy, but then Ikaros makes a pile of money appear. Can she really do anything?

As a fairly normal teenage boy, Tomoki’s wishes are fairly simple. Not good and wholesome, but simple. He uses this power to become invisible and get Sohara back for all the times she karate chopped him and then he freezes time and runs around naked. He’s having so much fun. However, he makes a comment about all he has left to do is to take over the world.

Sohara knocks on Tomoki’s door in the morning but when he gets there she has vanished leaving just her school uniform. It turns out Ikaros took his joke about world domination as an order and put a plan into place. Unfortunately, she calculated that no one on Earth would recognize him as the ruler so she made everyone vanish…

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 1 Tomoki running naked through town

What did you think?

I really enjoyed this series the first time I watched it and I already have high hopes for that to be repeated. The first episode is interesting because we get to see two very different sides to Tomoki. He starts out as a normal teenage boy with normal teenage boy problems. On top of that, he is quiet and contented. That all changes when he wakes to find out that the angel falling from the sky wasn’t a dream.

Ikaros, the angeloid is designed to serve Tomoki in any way he wants. It’s her role to ensure that he is happy, so she asks him what he wants. He catches a glimpse of her ample cleavage and the transformation begins. At first, he tries to hide his impulses and asks for money. However, things escalate quickly from there. This is the side of Tomoki I remember most, but he is far more than just a perverted teenage boy.

With Ikaros granting whatever wish Tomoki can come up with, he was like a kid in a candy store. Well, almost. He was a teenage boy running around naked with a pair of panties on his head as the world remained frozen around him. That’s the same thing, right? It was hilarious and totally believable from a teenager with unlimited wishes.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 1 Tomoki making plans

What have you learnt?

Episode one is all Tomoki really. Sure we catch a brief glimpse of Sohara, Sugata, even Mikako – the student body president, and then there is Ikaros. However, none of them compares to Tomoki in this episode. I loved how complicated he was, how troubled he was by his errant wish for world domination and then that Ikaros might go too. He’s definitely an all or nothing kind of character.

I love the way this episode takes something fairly normal such as a teenager at school and slowly makes things crazier and crazier. Sugata alone was quite the enigma, but at first, you kind of laugh him off as being the weird loner. Then as more and more happens, it becomes clear that maybe he’s the only one that sees things as they are.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 1 Sugata and Tomoki

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