Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 11) – Off We Go To My Bathhouse Paradise

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Tomoki’s latest plan is to convince the girls to go to a bathhouse, but no sooner than they’ve agreed, they ask Ikaros for all the wish-granting cards. There must be another way! If there is Tomoki will find it!

What happened?

When Sohara dashes his dreams of peeping on them at the bathhouse, he does the only sane thing left to do… He visits Sugata and asks for his help, suggesting that the ladies bathhouse is the New World. Of course, Sugata can’t say no to that and reveals that he had a wish-granting card the whole time. However, he’s not just going to hand it over.

Sugata uses the card to create a transmogrifier so that Tomoki can change himself into a girl. That’s not all, he will have to prove that he can convince everyone that he is actually a girl. It’s going to be easier than it sounds, especially with Mikako’s nose for trouble.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 11 Tomoko

Tomoko pulled on all of her knowledge of anime and manga to become the perfect girl. She ran into one guy with a piece of toast in her mouth before falling over, flashing her panties, and then calling him a pervert. She wore a cat-girl maid outfit to home economics. By lunchtime, she had all the guys falling all over her.

Ikaros managed to convince Sohara and Mikako to go to the bathhouse with her and Nymph. That was fine, but Mikako was wondering who the new girl was. Tomoko gave a story about how she looked up to the student president at her last school and wished she could have got to know her better. Mikako seemed pleased with the answer and allowed her to tag along.

Tomoko did it. She was in the girls’ bathhouse and even managed to convince Mikako to let her wash her back. Of course, that didn’t go so well. Tomoko slipped and caught a handful… The excitement was too much and within seconds, Tomoko had overloaded and the transmogrification went berserk. When Sohara finally found out what was going on, she made sure that Tomoki would never forget this moment!

What did you think?

This is another of those episodes that stay with you long after seeing it. It’s utterly outrageous and completely absurd. The fact that Tomoki managed to convince the others that he was at home sick and that there was a new transfer student called Tomoko is possibly the most far-fetched thing in the episode. It’s like he wasn’t even trying. Somehow, they bought it though.

The moment where Tomoko lost it was hilarious. It was all just too much excitement for him to handle and that made his body change randomly. The fact that his robe fell open to reveal a dripping faucet is weird enough on its own. But then, Mikako crouched down and turned the tap. That finished Tomoki off…

However, the funniest thing about everything was that I was fairly sure that Mikako knew all along. She certainly didn’t seem too convinced that Tomoko wasn’t Tomoki and from what we know of her, she’s absolutely the sort of person that would let it happen and enjoy the ensuing chaos.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 11 Mikako and Sohara at the Bathhouse

What have you learnt?

Obviously, Tomoki needs to work on his stamina! Jokes aside, he got what he deserved when Sohara found out the truth and as wrong as his actions were, this series is quite clear that this is absurdist comedy.

I am still constantly amazed as how much Tomoki’s character can flip-flop between the horny teenager and the sincere and calm friend. The thing is, it’s probably quite believable in the context of real life. I think that too often we expect a character to be one thing. This one’s the pervert. But, here’s the thing. Good people can do bad things and bad people can do good things. It should be the same for fictional characters. It adds depth and makes them more interesting than a one-dimensional character.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 11 Tomoko offers to wash Mikako's back

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