Heaven’s Lost Property (Movie) – The Angeloid of Clockwork

Heaven's Lost Property The Angeloid Of Clockwork Title

Hiyori likes the peace and quiet of Sorami. She tends to her garden and attends the high school. It’s a simple life, but a happy one. There’s just one thing she likes more. Something that would complete her – Tomoki!!!

Heaven’s Lost Property (Movie) – The Angeloid of Clockwork

What happened?

Hiyori is a teenage girl that lives in Sorami and she loves it. She tends to a garden to pay her way and attends school with Tomoki, although he barely knows she exists. She’s all too aware of him. Even before the Angeloids appeared she had a crush on him. A massive crush! In an attempt to get close to Tomoki, Hiyori joined the New World Discovery Club.

This takes the club into a new funding bracket which further infringes on Tomoki’s quiet and peaceful life. So, in a desperate attempt to reduce the numbers he puts Hiyori through a gruelling initiation test. Luckily for Hiyori, he doesn’t have it in him to make her eat the edible panties on sushi rice, but that’s of little comfort to Sohara who makes amends the way only she knows how…

Heaven's Lost Property The Angeloid Of Clockwork Tomoki Edible Panty Riceballs

With that out of the way, Hiyori was welcomed into the group, however, she had a secret. She was actually from the Synapse and had been living out a second life as many in the Synapse do. When their earthly body dies, it vanishes from existence. Even memories of any encounters with the person are erased. So, when Hiyori is hit by a truck everyone quickly forgets her.

Well, not everyone. The Angeloids are all aware of what has happened and keep quiet. They don’t want to upset things, but somehow Tomoki has also retained his memories and he’s mad that everyone is forgetting about Hiyori.

In the Synapse, the ruler approaches Hiyori with an offer. She can return to Earth as an Angeloid. Of course, she jumps at the chance to be with her friends once more, but she’s blissfully unaware of the ruler’s true intentions!

Heaven's Lost Property The Angeloid Of Clockwork Ikaros Nymph Astraea Versus Hiyori

What did you think?

I was really excited about this movie and it opened with a blast. A giant chicken attacked Sorami, but don’t worry, Tomoki had a plan. He used one of Ikaros’ wish cards to make Sohara giant so that she could fight the giant chicken and so that he could see up her skirt and stare at her giant panties…

After that, it took a bit of a nosedive. The first forty minutes of the movie basically recapped the whole of the two seasons with the occasional insert of Hiyori watching on from outside. The following forty minutes covered new ground, which was what I was really here for. In the series, we briefly saw Hiyori when Sugata was in the Synapse. She was simultaneously in the Synapse and in Sorami. Obviously, this made Sugata very suspicious.

There were some really nice moments with the group and the occasional flashback to when Tomoki and Hiyori were children. That said, when the movie was over it left me feeling a little down. If you’ve read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, it’s the same feeling you get when you finish book five.

Heaven's Lost Property The Angeloid Of Clockwork Tomoki Shocked At Ending

What have you learnt?

So, Hiyori came back as an Angeloid, but that meant that she was bound to her new master, the ruler of the Synapse. He transformed her into a powerful weapon with orders to destroy the whole of Sorami. Of course, Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea tried to stop her. They were successful, but it activated the self-destruct sequence on Hiyori’s collar. Ikaros was going to sacrifice herself to save everyone, but Tomoki intervened. However, Hiyori then flew high into the sky and exploded.

I feel like this was them showing us how Tomoki doesn’t always get his way and it was incredibly effective. Was it a satisfying ending to this movie? No, not really. This feeling was completely alien to the series, which is kind of ironic as they had just recapped all the previous episodes at the beginning of the movie. You’d think they would understand the tone of the series. Hopefully, the second movie will end on a more positive note and finally give us some closure to this story.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 26 Tomoki Sohara Ikaros Astraea Nymph Mikako Sugata

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