Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 22) – Forte: The Song of the Angels Echoes in the Sky

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After seeing Tomoki having lunch with Sohara, Ikaros races to Nymph’s aid and ends up as the primary target for Chaos and Astraea. Can Tomoki do anything to help or will Chaos finish the job her master demanded of her?

Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 22) – Forte: The Song of the Angels Echoes in the Sky

What happened?

Ikaros was feeling down when she saw Tomoki and Nymph walking hand in hand, but then she saw Tomoki having lunch with Sohara… How can he be there? Unless… Ikaros managed to track down Nymph just in time, stopping Chaos’ attack. Then, Chaos turned into Tomoki and ordered Ikaros to kill Nymph. It looked like Ikaros was going to follow Chaos’ orders, but instead, she threw Nymph to safety. Chaos turned her attention to Ikaros demanded she destroys herself.

Nymph found Astraea by the river and begged her to help Ikaros, but Astraea’s master demanded that she kill Nymph. That’s when the real Tomoki showed up and gave a moving speech about masters and not taking orders. Astraea’s master decided to ignore Tomoki for now and told her to assist Chaos in defeating Ikaros, leaving Tomoki and Nymph for later. She flew through the air closing in on Chaos and Ikaros.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 22 Chaos messing with Nymph's mind

As Astraea flew towards the battleground, she considered Tomoki’s words and thought about how Nymph and Ikaros had abandoned the Synapse and why. Then, just as she got close enough to attack, she realised that she liked Tomoki and that he wasn’t a bad person. Astraea turned her attention on Chaos, against her master’s orders. When he tried to force her to submit, she broke her chains, freeing herself.

Meanwhile, Sugata and Daedalus watched on from the Synapse as Astraea took the fight to Chaos. As much as Astraea lacked computational skills when it came to close-quarters combat, she was unbeatable. She pushed Chaos back and then hit her with a massive sword.

Unfortunately, Chaos realised that she was losing and pulled back, firing her weapons at Astraea, keeping her from getting close. That was when Ikaros joined the fight using the Uranus. However, Chaos seemed to have the upper hand, so Ikaros flew the Uranus into Chaos and dived deep into the ocean. The further they went the greater the pressure and their equipment started to break up. Then, at the last second, the Uranus grabbed Ikaros and pulled her to safety, leaving Chaos in the depths.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 22 Astraea rescues Ikaros

What did you think?

This episode was excellent and was almost entirely focused on the real plot. There was also a lot of action. Chaos was a pretty sinister opponent with her attacks that would prey on her targets mental weaknesses. Seeing Nymph go through that sort of mental anguish was not pleasant, and then seeing Ikaros take her place to save her. On top of that, we had Astraea’s master pulling her strings and forcing her to do things she didn’t want to.

Luckily, that provided us with my favourite moment of the episode and probably the reason that Astraea is my favourite Angeloid. She had had enough and grabbed her chains. Then, without much of an issue, she shattered them. Everyone was shocked to see her do that. It was amazing, but what followed next was just as good.

Astraea is awesome and when she doesn’t have to think, for example during a fight when she is relying on instinct, she is unstoppable. It’s a good job Tomoki never gave her cause to fight back or he would have been dead a long time ago. Seriously though, did you see the size of her sword?

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 22 Astraea has a massive sword

What have you learnt?

As much as they make fun of Astraea for basically falling into the dumb blonde stereotype, she shows that she is far stronger than any of them, physically or mentally. Maybe, it’s her lack of computational skills that made it possible for her to not worry about the ramifications of breaking her chains. Either way, she was done and wasn’t going to listen to any more of her master’s crap.

One of the hardest things to do is walk away from familiarity. Astraea may not have liked the way she was treated, but it was all she knew. We even saw Nymph struggling with the idea of being free. She desperately wanted to find someone to give her an order, give her purpose. So, Astraea freeing herself was a huge deal. It also is quite a problem for the Synapse. If their Angeloids can simply break free then there’s nothing stopping them from turning on their masters.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 22 Astraea breaks her chains

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