Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 19) – Forte: The Brother Who Came From Heaven

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Sugata and Sohara play the Dive Game once more and enter Tomoki’s dream, which is actually a link to the Synapse. They make some startling discoveries and accidentally knock something down to Earth!

Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 19) – Forte: The Brother Who Came From Heaven

What happened?

Sugata forces Tomoki to go fishing to catch some dinner for Astraea who hasn’t eaten in a week. Tomoki is a little reluctant, but Sugata has ways of making him comply. While Tomoki is tied up… Sugata asks Nymph to help him with something. He wants to play the Dive Game and enter Tomoki’s dream once more. Sohara finds them as he’s about to enter and follows.

They find a series of strange floating islands and can even see down Sorami City below. Sohara touches a strange device and it rolls off the islands and falls to Earth where Tomoki finds it. Sugata and Sohara continue to investigate and soon come across a quaint town with tree houses and small shops, but there’s no one there. Then an Angeloid appears and then many more as they tend to the gardens and the streets.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 19 Sugata plays the Dive Game

A bell calls the Angeloids to another location. Sohara and Sugata follow and find a giant dome-like structure. When they head inside, Sugata witnesses views of regular-looking people from Sorami going about their lives. Eventually, they end and he finds himself inside the dome as the Angeloids appear to be running maintenance on several pods.

Sugata looks inside and sees a girl, one that he saw in the visions. Something is going on and he thinks he might be getting to the bottom of things. However, his thoughts are interrupted by Harpy and Gamma who had captured Sohara. Sugata isn’t worried as he had factored this into his plan and at that moment, Nymph pulled them out of the Dive Game. Not before Sugata challenges the rulers of the Synapse.

Back at Sugata’s tent, he asks Nymph if he is real. She tells him that was why Tomoki’s dreams were blocked, but she also confirms he is real. There’s much more to the Synapse than Sugata can discover in one visit. Meanwhile, Tomoki uses the object that fell from the Synapse to create Panty Robo 2.0, a bike that can transform into a robot.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 19 Gamma And Harpy catch Sohara

What did you think?

You’re not going to believe this, but in episode 19 of Heaven’s Lost Property, they spent a bit of time delving into the story, which is very interesting. Admittedly, it seems quite at odds with the absurdist comedy that generally takes place. However, I think it could have been a really interesting and serious storyline on its own. I can’t get mad at this series for anything, though.

I was really enjoying the real story development in this episode. It made for a welcome change, although I was a little disappointed that they didn’t take it further, preferring to focus the second half of the episode on Tomoki and Panty Robo, which wasn’t nearly as funny as the previous times he’s was around.

I loved how mysterious and other-worldly the Synapse felt. The floating discs with different buildings and structures reminded me of The Castle in the Sky which makes me want to re-watch that some time. Anyhow, back to Heaven’s Lost Property. Sugata makes for a far more believable explorer in this situation and gives the story some much-needed advancement. I generally love the goofy nature of the series, but sometimes, I really want it to focus on the actual story.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 19 Tomoki and Panty Robo

What have you learnt?

I would love to a companion series to Heaven’s Lost Property that focuses on Sugata and his attempt to unravel the mysteries of the Synapse. That way you could leave the original series intact and have it weave together what we see of Sugata into another story that is purely a science fiction mystery. It would be an interesting way to bring different audiences to the world. Sure, some will not crossover between genres, but there will be more like me that would.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 19 Sugata and Sohara in the Synapse

The last time I watched this series was in the build-up to watching the first movie, Heaven’s Lost Property: Angeloid of Clockwork and as such, I wouldn’t have noticed this scene or at least paid it much attention. However, now that know what’s coming it was amazing to see this character. I don’t want to spoil too much for anyone that hasn’t seen the movie yet, but I loved how they foreshadowed what’s to come without giving much away.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 19 Girls in Sugata's vision

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