Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 9) – The Delusional Story That Began With a Lie

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Tomoki and Sohara take Ikaros to a flea market. Mikako and Sugata have come along too and are planning on having a barbecue, but then Tomoki a rare and extremely pervert DVD. If only Ikaros hadn’t blown all his money!

What happened?

There’s been no sight on Nymph since the festival when Ikaros sent her back to the Synapse after fully awakening. That’s not going to stop the group from having a good time. Today, they are heading to the flea market and are going to have a barbecue. They’re just settling in when Tomoki notices that Ikaros is missing. He finds her playing with a toy at a stall which she then breaks. Tomoki apologizes and pays for the toy. Then he spots a legendary rude movie on DVD and must buy it. However, Ikaros just used all his money!

Nymph returns and plans on kidnapping Tomoki to lure Ikaros back to the Synapse, but is curious what he’s doing when she finds him with a pair of binoculars. Of course, he’s spying on two people getting down and dirty in the park… He decides he will get that DVD and opens a stall selling his old crap. Unfortunately, it really is a load of old crap and no one is willing to buy anything. The idea gets everyone interested in open a stall.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 9 Tomoki and Nymph selling junk

With that failing, Tomoki opens a food stall selling Okonomiyaki that looks like boobs! This alienates all of the female customers and Tomoki needs to start again. Nymph suggests selling idol stuff as girls generally like that sort of thing. It sounds like a great idea, but then Tomoki puts his own spin on things and no one wants any of that.

Finally, he tries to sell used underpants from his unexploded stash, complete with a photo of Sohara. She, of course, finds him and unleashes a world of pain on him. He gets upset at all the couples walking around so Nymph does something to him, making him appear to be the perfect man to everyone. With this newfound ability, he opens a host cafe and very quickly takes things too far…

Surprisingly, he does get enough money for the DVD, buys it and heads home. Throughout the episode, Ikaros has been saying the opposite of what she wants to say as she believes lying will make her seem more human. Sugata works it all out and sets everything right again. Ikaros later asked Tomoki what he thinks about her. He doesn’t really answer but tells her about how he had no friends growing up. She kisses him and makes everything awkward…

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 9 Okonomiyaki Boobs Sohara and Ikaros

What did you think?

Tomoki really is hopeless. Even when he has the ability to appear as everyone’s ideal man he manages to blow it. Of course, he does it with a style that is impossible to match. I’m talking all about the Tomoki Tower. That was hilarious and even funnier when the cute-guy jamming failed and everyone turned on him, stamping his tower into the ground…

As ridiculous as this episode is, the motivation behind it fits perfectly with Tomoki and what we know of his character. Of course, they could make an entire episode out of his desire to purchase an x-rated DVD.

The thing with Tomoki is that no matter what he does, he manages to show a softer side of him too. It probably helps that when he goes too far, he’s swiftly punished for his actions. Sohara is always around when you need her and a crowd of angry women stamping on Tomoki’s tower helped in this episode. It’s funny, it’s absurd, and it’s ridiculous, but it seems to work.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 9 The Tomoki Tower

What have you learnt?

We got another glympse of the Synapse and the people that live there – the masters. Presumably, they are considered the gods which makes sense given that they had Ikaros destroy the Tower Babel because they got too close. They really are a bunch of jerks and as annoying as Nymph can be, she really got to raw end of the deal when it came to her master. Tomoki appears saint-like by comparison.

It was funny watching Ikaros lying in her attempt to be more human, especially with the way she put down Sohara and then said something nice about Mikako. However, one of my favourite moments was when Tomoki woke in the middle of the night and found Ikaros and Nymph eating chips and watching his new DVD! This series does a great job of using every opportunity available to make us laugh.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 9 Tomoki the Ladies Man

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