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Heaven's Lost Property Title

Tomoki and Sohara are struggling with their math homework so they search out Sugata for help. However, he’s a hard man to find until Mikako offers to take them to him. Will they find Sugata in time?

What happened?

Sohara and Tomoki have tried everything they can, but the problems are too hard. If they’re going to complete their math homework, they will need some help. Luckily, they someone that can help them, however, finding Sugata is another problem altogether. The solution to this problem appears in the form of Mikako, the student president. She knows where he lives and even offers to take them there.

Sugata agrees to help them, but his true focus remains on the black hole and Ikaros’ true nature. He’s almost completed the first of the math problems when he stops and asks Ikaros to try to solve them. She agrees to have a go. Tomoki is not sure what Sugata is doing, but then Sugata reminds him that Ikaros was created so she may have computational abilities… she does not…

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 3 Sugata

Sugata suggests that they all camp out at his place tonight. That way they can finish the problems and have dinner together. They all agree and then draw straws to see who will do what part of dinner. Mikako and Sugata are to put the food together, Sohara and Tomoki will catch the fish, and Ikaros will have to go to town and get supplies.

Tomoki is nervous, but Mikako reminds him that everyone in town is helpful to a fault and she’ll be fine. However, they all end up following Ikaros to see how she does. Some items she gets, but then she also buys a watermelon and seems oddly attached to it.

They prepare for dinner but notice that Ikaros is missing. Then something swoops in creating a sonic boom. It was Ikaros who caught a giant freshwater fish from the Amazon river… Apparently, she can fly a match twenty-four. Sugata approached Ikaros while the others are sleeping and asks her what her purpose is and why she is here. She doesn’t know, but that just raises more questions. Sugata suggests that she should just try to have fun.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 3 Ikaros catches a fish

What did you think?

This episode had made some interesting observations as they attempted to get a better understanding of Ikaros. She doesn’t make it easy with her lack of facial expressions and minimal emotional output. It certainly didn’t have any of the wackiness of the first two episodes but continued to be quite philosophical in its approach.

It was good to see that they are questioning Ikaros’ arrival and subsequent bonding with Tomoki. She appears to be far more than a pet class Angeloid, especially given the specifications they’ve seen so far. Sugata is the one raising some questions and Mikako has definitely noticed a thing or two too. It’s great that there is someone like that in the series that can offer a more serious look at things. Tomoki, however, just seems to bumble along at his own speed.

Tomoki is a questionable character, but interesting nonetheless. I didn’t like how blunt he was with Sohara and Ikaros in this episode. First, he shot down Sohara, calling her dumb for not understanding the questions in their homework, despite him not knowing. Then, he gave Ikaros an F rating on her shopping trip. She didn’t do that bad…

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 3 Ikaros buying meat

What have you learnt?

At this stage of the series, it’s become quite apparent that each of the characters so far has a pretty well-defined role. Tomoki is the hopeless protagonist that flip-flops between being a horny teenager and a thoughtful dreamer. Sohara is the childhood friend that likes him, but won’t admit it and hides behind violence. Sugata is the thinker, asking questions and making observations that Tomoki and Sohara are completely blind to. Mikako is to Sugata as Sohara is to Tomoki, however, Mikako is a darker version of Sohara and has some of the best lines.

I actually like that they seem to have clear roles and make a pretty good group. It’s also done in such a way that they are able to interact together and make different things happen, depending on who is with who. There are some interesting dynamics at play and that will help to keep the story fresh.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 3 Ikaros and Mikako

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